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Project Description Owner Last Change
bytom/Byone.git Bytom Wallet for Chrome root 4 weeks ago
bytom/Bytom-Dapp-Demo.git A simple deposit and profit... root 3 months ago
bytom/Bytom-JS-SDK.git It is a project for Bytom... root 5 months ago
bytom/bytom-dashboard.git dashboard of Bytom root 7 months ago
bytom/bytom-electron.git Bytom Desktop Electron App root 2 months ago
bytom/bytom-java-sdk.git Official Java SDK for Bytom root 6 months ago
bytom/bytom-kit.git kaleidoscope root 33 hours ago
bytom/bytom-node-sdk.git Node.js SDK for Bytom protocol root 2 years ago
bytom/bytom-spanner.git Python based Bytom wallet... root 11 months ago
bytom/bytom-spv.git Bytom spv wallet root 2 years ago
bytom/bytom.git Official Go implementation... root 50 min ago
bytom/equity.git Based on BUTXO Programming... root 19 months ago
bytom/homebrew-bytom.git Homebrew Tap for Bytom root 13 months ago
bytom/pybtm.git Python3 implementation of... root 2 years ago
bytom/shuttle.git root 18 months ago
bytom/vapor.git Golang implemented sidechain... root 8 days ago