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add ST70416-6 iio.accelerometer tranformation matrix
[android-x86/device-generic-common.git] / init.sh
2016-09-26 Mario Holzingeradd ST70416-6 iio.accelerometer tranformation matrix
2016-09-12 Chih-Wei HuangRevert "init.sh: fix ASUS T100 buttons"
2016-09-08 Chih-Wei Huanginit.sh: fix ASUS T100 buttons
2016-08-08 Chih-Wei Huanginit.sh: support IntelHDMI audio HAL
2016-07-29 Chih-Wei HuangRevert "init: Fix sensors never detected when not avail...
2016-07-28 Jaap Jan Meijerinit: Fix sensors never detected when not available...
2016-07-28 Jaap Jan Meijerinit: Only tell Android we have a ril when we have one
2016-07-21 Chih-Wei Huanginit.sh: skip useless cmdline
2016-07-14 Chih-Wei Huanginit.sh: change uvesafb default mode to 1024x768
2016-07-09 Chih-Wei Huanginit.sh: honor sensors.${ro_hardware}.so first
2016-06-22 Chih-Wei Huanginit.sh: set sensor hal to hdaps if lis3lv02d_i2c is...
2016-06-07 Chih-Wei HuangAndroid-x86 6.0-rc1 release (20160608)
2016-06-07 Suici Dogainit.sh: support the accelerometer of HP laptops
2016-06-03 Li XinFix some Mac WiFi drivers conflict
2016-06-03 Chih-Wei Huanginit: move the init.sh execution to the post-fs stage
2016-06-03 Chih-Wei Huanginit.sh: disable hwcomposer of the virgl gpu
2016-06-03 Chih-Wei Huanginit.sh: fix the Cube i7 Stylus tablet sensor orientation
2016-06-03 Chih-Wei Huanginit.sh: don't try to load the dummy camera driver
2016-05-19 Chih-Wei HuangChange btattach to be a standard android service
2016-05-19 Chih-Wei Huanginit.sh: only do set_property on the init stage
2016-05-06 Chih-Wei Huanginit.sh: fix the old software renderer
2016-05-05 Chih-Wei Huanginit.sh: enable llvmpipe software rendering
2016-05-05 meijjaaUse btattach for BT bcm UART devices
2016-05-05 Chih-Wei HuangSupport virgl GPU
2016-05-05 Mario HolzingerAdd support for GSL1680 I2C touchscreen on ST70416-6
2016-05-05 Chih-Wei Huanginit.sh: avoid rild crashing
2016-05-05 Mauro Rossiinit.sh: enable egl trace on error in debug mode
2016-05-05 Chih-Wei HuangTest build 20151202
2016-05-05 Dmitry Sutyagininit.sh: unmute audio of Broadwell-Y-based tablets
2016-05-05 Chih-Wei Huangandroid-x86 5.1-rc1 release (20151007)
2016-05-05 Chih-Wei Huanginit.sh: add support of iio sensors
2016-05-05 André Vitorbluetooth: disable rfkill for usb bluetooth
2016-05-05 Chih-Wei HuangSync with android-x86-4.4-r2 release
2015-01-08 Phil EichingerSupport calibration of Panasonic Toughbook CF-19 mk2...
2015-01-08 Phil EichingerSupport calibration of Panasonic Toughbook CF-19 mk1...
2015-01-08 Chih-Wei HuangInitial lollipop-x86 porting