OSDN Git Service

2019-06-28 Chih-Wei Huanginit.x86.rc: set owner/group of wpa_supplicant.conf
2019-06-13 Chih-Wei Huanginit.sh: enable virt_wifi if needed
2019-06-13 Chih-Wei Huanginit.sh: remove wl driver if it's not used
2019-05-30 Chih-Wei Huangbluetooth: do not define BTM_DEF_LOCAL_NAME
2019-04-30 Chih-Wei HuangAdd an idc file for the stylus of Surface Go
2019-04-30 Chih-Wei Huanginit.sh: add quirks for Lenovo miix 320
2019-04-12 Valentin Maneainit.sh: disable offlining of non-boot CPU of Teclast...
2019-03-28 Chih-Wei Huanginit.sh: fix sensors support for LINX1010B
2019-03-27 Chih-Wei Huanginit.sh: invert axes of sensors for Microtech e-tab Pro
2019-03-22 Chih-Wei Huanginit.sh: set camera properties for Microtech e-tab Pro
2019-03-20 Chih-Wei HuangAdd 80860F16:00 to fstab
2019-03-12 Chih-Wei Huangapp: replace AndroidTerm by TermOne Plus
2019-03-12 Chih-Wei Huanginit.sh: set sleep.state=force for Microtech e-tab Pro
2019-03-06 Chih-Wei Huanginit.sh: fix sensors support of Microtech e-tab Pro
2019-02-20 Chih-Wei HuangUse languages_full.mk instead of locales_full.mk
2019-01-21 Chih-Wei Huanginit.sh: fix sensors support of EZpad
2019-01-10 Chih-Wei HuangRevert "Add hid_hyperv to blacklist"
2018-12-26 Chih-Wei Huangidc: add files for QEMU and VirtualBox
2018-12-19 Chih-Wei HuangUpdate tp_smapi to 0.43
2018-11-22 Chih-Wei HuangAdd an idc file for Adomax USB tablet
2018-10-29 Chih-Wei Huanginit.sh: let touchscreen never suspend on Surface Go
2018-10-16 Chih-Wei Huanginit.sh: use video option if UVESA_MODE is not set
2018-10-04 Chih-Wei HuangUse packages.mk from the product dir if exists
2018-09-19 Chih-Wei Huanginit.sh: honor video cmdline for all supported GPUs
2018-09-06 youling257default use CLOCK_BOOTTIME
2018-08-10 Chih-Wei Huangidc: add 3M_3M_MicroTouch_USB_controller.idc
2018-08-10 Chih-Wei Huanginit.sh: support sensors of ASUS T200TA
2018-08-10 Chih-Wei Huanginit.sh: fix Bluetooth for ASUS T100TAF
2018-06-21 Chih-Wei Huangtp_smapi: fix a building issue with clang
2018-06-11 Chih-Wei Huanginit.sh: add sensors support for EZpad
2018-06-04 Chih-Wei Huanginit.sh: allow HAS_SENSORS to override all cases
2018-05-02 Chih-Wei HuangAdd hid_hyperv to blacklist android-x86-7.1-r2
2018-03-29 Chih-Wei Huanginit.sh: disable Bluetooth if no hci interface
2018-03-29 Chih-Wei Huanginit.sh: support ASUS VivoTab Note 8 (M80TA)
2018-03-06 Chih-Wei Huanginit.x86.rc: set SELinux domain to exec and services
2018-02-26 Chih-Wei Huanginit.x86.rc: log all buffers
2018-02-23 Mauro Rossitp_smapi/hdaps: use timer_setup() with kernel 4.15...
2018-02-14 Chih-Wei Huanginit.sh: reverse the default orientation of accelerometer
2018-02-13 Chih-Wei Huanginit.sh: add sensors.iio properties for HP EliteBook
2018-02-12 Chih-Wei Huanginit.sh: adjust micphone volume
2018-02-06 Chih-Wei HuangAndroid-x86 7.1-r1 release (20180206) android-x86-7.1-r1
2018-01-24 Chih-Wei Huanginit.sh: add sensors.iio properties for ThinkPad X1...
2018-01-15 Chih-Wei Huanginit.sh: add sensors.iio properties for Dell venue...
2018-01-12 Chih-Wei Huanginit.sh: refine the rule of has_sensors
2018-01-11 Chih-Wei Huanginit.sh: update properties for new android-iio-sensors-hal
2018-01-08 Chih-Wei Huangalsa: enable headphone for bytcrrt5640
2018-01-01 Chih-Wei Huanginit.sh: switch to android-iio-sensors-hal of 01.org
2017-11-21 Chih-Wei Huanginit.x86.rc: add ctrl-alt-del service
2017-10-18 Chih-Wei Huangpackages.mk: remove HardwareCollector
2017-10-09 Chih-Wei Huangnativebridge: support houdini 7.1
2017-09-19 Chih-Wei Huanginit.sh: enable sdcardfs if possible
2017-09-15 Chih-Wei HuangRemove swrast from BOARD_GPU_DRIVERS
2017-09-15 Chih-Wei HuangRemove obsolete debug.egl.hw property
2017-09-14 Chih-Wei Huanginit.sh: don't set hardware gralloc if HWACCEL=0
2017-09-14 Chih-Wei HuangDelete uesless symlinks
2017-09-14 Chih-Wei HuangAdd SwiftShader as an alternative OpenGL ES libraries
2017-08-23 Chih-Wei HuangRevert "Disable forced orientation"
2017-08-23 Chih-Wei Huanginit.sh: enable audio on IEC958
2017-08-10 Chih-Wei Huangoverlay: add configs for tethering
2017-07-27 Chih-Wei Huanginit.sh: allow setting VMware solution via cmdline
2017-07-19 Chih-Wei HuangRemove the obsolete egl.cfg
2017-07-18 Chih-Wei HuangEnable gralloc.gbm + hwcomposer.drm for virgl
2017-07-18 Chih-Wei HuangAdd 80860F14:02 to fstab
2017-07-14 Chih-Wei Huanginit.x86.rc: remove dhcpcd services
2017-07-14 Chih-Wei Huangpackages.mk: add Taskbar
2017-06-20 Chih-Wei HuangEnable freeform window mode
2017-06-08 Chih-Wei HuangAndroid-x86 7.1-rc1 release (20170608)
2017-06-08 Chih-Wei Huanginit.sh: disable sleep on T100
2017-06-07 Chih-Wei HuangKERNEL_CMDLINE: enlarge vmalloc for 32-bit system
2017-06-07 Chih-Wei HuangAdd support of RTL8723BS Bluetooth
2017-06-03 Chih-Wei Huangoverlay: disable Bluetooth by default
2017-06-01 Chih-Wei Huangalsa: state files for kernel 4.9
2017-05-20 Chih-Wei HuangRemove powerbtnd service
2017-05-07 Chih-Wei HuangEnable hardware accelerated decoding
2017-05-07 Chih-Wei HuangEnable Stagefright FFMPEG plugins
2017-04-27 Chih-Wei HuangMerge remote-tracking branch 'x86/marshmallow-x86'...
2017-04-27 Chih-Wei Huanginit.sh: handle amdgpudrmfb by gralloc.drm
2017-03-25 Chih-Wei HuangRevert "init.sh: load f2fs module manually" android-x86-6.0-r3
2017-03-25 Chih-Wei Huangfstab.x86: auto mount CDROM devices
2017-03-25 Chih-Wei Huanginit.sh: handle new IntelHdmiLpeAudio driver
2017-01-13 Chih-Wei HuangMerge remote-tracking branch 'x86/marshmallow-x86'...
2017-01-13 Chih-Wei Huanginit.sh: load f2fs module manually android-x86-6.0-r2
2017-01-06 Chih-Wei HuangDisable forced orientation
2017-01-06 Chih-Wei HuangDon't unload rtl8723be wifi driver
2017-01-06 Chih-Wei HuangRemove the obsolete debug.autosleep setting
2016-11-15 Chih-Wei HuangMerge remote-tracking branch 'x86/marshmallow-x86'...
2016-11-15 Chih-Wei HuangUpdate tp_smapi to 0.42
2016-11-15 Chih-Wei HuangFix the permission of video nodes
2016-11-02 Chih-Wei Huanginit.sh: use lsusb from our busybox
2016-10-28 Chih-Wei HuangMerge remote-tracking branch 'x86/marshmallow-x86'...
2016-10-28 Chih-Wei HuangAdd soc_button_array to the deferred loadng list
2016-10-18 Chih-Wei HuangMerge remote-tracking branch 'x86/marshmallow-x86'...
2016-10-18 Chih-Wei HuangForce orientation if no sensors
2016-10-12 Chih-Wei HuangSupport BT HCI UART devices
2016-10-06 Chih-Wei HuangEnable Fluoride Bluetooth stack
2016-10-05 Chih-Wei HuangMerge remote-tracking branch 'x86/marshmallow-x86'...
2016-09-27 Chih-Wei HuangAdd AMD and Nvidia GPU modules to deferred list
2016-09-27 Chih-Wei HuangRemove androidboot.hardware from cmdline
2016-09-26 youling257add ONDA tablet iio.accelerometer tranformation matrix
2016-09-26 Mario Holzingeradd ST70416-6 iio.accelerometer tranformation matrix