OSDN Git Service

2017-12-10 Chih-Wei HuangDon't define modules for recovery oreo-x86 android-x86-8.1-r1 android-x86-8.1-r2 android-x86-8.1-r3
2017-12-07 Chih-Wei HuangMerge branch 'master' of git://github.com/relan/exfat... nougat-x86 android-x86-7.1-r1 android-x86-7.1-r2 android-x86-7.1-r3
2017-06-05 relanBump version to 1.2.7 and update changelog.
2017-05-02 relanFix clusters bitmap size.
2017-04-01 relanClean up unused parameters in libexfat.
2017-03-31 relanFix crash when started with stdin, stdout or stderr...
2017-03-23 Chih-Wei HuangMerge branch 'master' of git://github.com/relan/exfat... marshmallow-x86 android-x86-6.0-r3
2017-03-21 relanCheck clusters count validity.
2017-03-21 relanCheck that file or directory size does not exceed clust...
2017-03-19 relanRefactor error handling in exfat_mount().
2017-03-19 relanRemove excessive check in free_cluster().
2017-03-19 relanImprove upper bound check in CLUSTER_INVALID() macro.
2017-03-17 relanPass struct exfat to check_node().
2017-01-28 relanBump version to 1.2.6 and update changelog.
2017-01-28 relanUpdate copyright years.
2017-01-16 relanAdd tail entries support.
2017-01-16 relanGeneric I/O for directories: switch readdir().
2017-01-16 relanGeneric I/O for directories: switch find_slot().
2017-01-16 relanGeneric I/O for directories: switch exfat_flush_node().
2017-01-16 relanGeneric I/O for directories: switch rename_entry().
2017-01-16 relanGeneric I/O for directories: switch erase_entry().
2017-01-16 relanGeneric I/O for directories: switch commit_entry().
2017-01-16 relanGeneric I/O for directories: switch find_label().
2017-01-16 relanGeneric I/O for directories: switch exfat_set_label().
2017-01-16 relanGeneric I/O for directories: do not update times.
2017-01-16 relanGeneric I/O for directories: add [read|write]_entries().
2017-01-16 relanRename node field flags to attrib.
2017-01-16 relanReplace node flags with bit fields.
2017-01-16 relanRename write_entry() to commit_entry().
2017-01-15 relanUse ROUND_UP() macro instead of DIV_ROUND_UP().
2016-12-27 relanPropagate ENOSPC on write.
2016-12-26 relanReduce the sizes of name buffers.
2016-12-26 relanChange output buffer size semantics for UTF functions.
2016-12-26 relanRemove buffer size argument for exfat_get_name().
2016-12-26 relanAvoid name length calculation in exfat_calc_name_hash().
2016-12-26 relanRefactor file entry checksum calculation.
2016-12-26 relanFix max file name length.
2016-12-05 relanBump version to 1.2.5 and update changelog.
2016-12-05 relanMove meta2 fields checking into check_node().
2016-12-05 relanAdd node start cluster checks.
2016-12-05 relanRun all checks in check_node().
2016-12-05 relanImprove error messages in opendir().
2016-12-05 Daniel Drakedumpexfat: print version number only when requested.
2016-12-05 Daniel Drakedumpexfat: add option to show file fragments.
2016-12-05 relanRemove unused field of struct iterator.
2016-11-12 relanFix memory leak on error path when directory read fails.
2016-08-06 relanRespect daylight saving time.
2016-08-06 relanUse DIV_ROUND_UP macro.
2016-07-06 Chih-Wei HuangMerge branch 'master' of git://github.com/relan/exfat... android-x86-6.0-r1 android-x86-6.0-r2
2016-07-06 Chih-Wei HuangFix incremental build
2016-07-06 Chih-Wei HuangLink libfuse-lite from ntfs-3g
2016-07-06 Chih-Wei HuangClean up Android.mk
2016-06-03 relanBump version to 1.2.4 and update changelog.
2016-06-03 relanUpdate copyright years.
2016-06-03 relanSupport upcase table compression.
2016-06-03 relanRemove ublio support.
2016-06-03 relanInstall man pages by default.
2016-01-29 relanAdd platform-specific instructions to README.md.
2016-01-21 Steve Kondikexfat-fuse: Don't export UTF conversion functions
2016-01-16 Steve KondikHandle 64-bit offsets correctly on Android
2016-01-05 relanEscape commas (and backslashes) in device names.
2015-12-24 Matt MowerMerge tag 'v1.2.3' into HEAD
2015-12-19 relanBump version to 1.2.3 and update changelog.
2015-12-19 relanFix clusters loss when file renaming replaces target.
2015-11-10 Matt Mowerexfat: ifdef android pre-generated config
2015-11-10 Matt Mowerexfat: Provide pre-generated config.h for android
2015-11-10 Steve Kondikexfat: Rework build configuration
2015-11-10 Steve KondikCall exit instead of abort on unhandled errors
2015-11-10 Steve KondikAdd support for building on Android
2015-11-09 relanBump version to 1.2.2 and update changelog.
2015-11-09 relanAdd case-insensitivity note to the mount.exfat-fuse...
2015-11-07 relanAdd uninstall command to the README.md.
2015-11-07 relanFlush clusters bitmap on each file close.
2015-11-07 relanMove nodes flush from exfat_flush() into a separate...
2015-10-09 relanSupport platform macros for GNU/kFreeBSD and GNU/HURD.
2015-09-24 relanBump version to 1.2.1 and update changelog.
2015-09-24 relanDetect infinite loop in rootdir_size().
2015-09-24 relanCheck sector and cluster size before use.
2015-09-24 relanDo not set archive bit on directory creation.
2015-09-24 relanMake README.md more text-friendly.
2015-08-26 relanUpdate changelog.
2015-08-26 relanInclude man pages into distribution.
2015-08-26 relanCreate symlinks on install.
2015-08-26 relanDrop version.h header.
2015-08-26 relanInclude local headers before system headers.
2015-08-26 relanAdd .gitignore.
2015-08-26 relanUse GNU build system (autotools).
2015-08-24 relanSupport musl libc that does not define __GLIBC__ macro.
2015-08-24 relanTurn "FS is larger than device" error into warning.
2015-08-24 relanRecognize optional entries.
2015-08-24 relanFix typo in the dumpexfat man page.
2015-08-24 relanUpdate copyright years.
2015-08-24 relanUpdate man page to reflect the change of umask option...
2015-08-24 relanAdd /usr/local/lib to LIBPATH on OS X.
2015-08-24 relanMove off_t size check from build script to code.
2015-08-24 relanAdd "create" FUSE operation.
2015-08-24 relanCreate README.md.
2015-08-24 relanAdd DEBUG define that enables logging of FUSE events.
2015-08-24 relanPass default_permissions to FUSE.
2015-08-24 relanFix heap corruption: bitmap_size is in bits, not bytes.