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last changeFri, 1 Nov 2019 09:28:31 +0000 (17:28 +0800)
2019-11-01 Chih-Wei HuangAdd rules to build musl-libc executables master
2019-09-05 Chih-Wei HuangAndroid: initial porting
2019-07-16 Rich Felkerrelease 1.1.23
2019-07-15 Rich Felkerupdate year in COPYRIGHT file
2019-07-15 Rich Felkerupdate authors/contributors list
2019-07-15 Rich Felkerfix build failure on arm building C code in thumb1...
2019-07-13 James Y Knightfix sigaltstack to ignore ss_size with SS_DISABLE,...
2019-07-10 Samuel Hollanduse the correct attributes for ___errno_location
2019-07-10 Samuel Hollandfix conflicting mips and powerpc definitions for TIOCSE...
2019-07-10 Samuel Hollandfix restrict violations in internal use of several...
2019-07-09 Rich Felkermention mips64 n32 ABI support in INSTALL doc
2019-07-09 Rich Felkerdocument riscv64 support in INSTALL document
2019-07-09 Rich Felkerprevent dup2 action for posix_spawn internal pipe fd
2019-07-06 Rich Felkerfix inadvertent use of uninitialized variable in dladdr
2019-07-04 Rich Felkerremove spurious MAP_32BIT definition from riscv64 arch
2019-07-04 Fangrui Songconfigure: make AR and RANLIB customizable
6 months ago master