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2019-01-25 intelupdate NEWS for libva 2.4.0 oreo-x86 pie-x86 q-x86 android-x86-8.1-r2 android-x86-8.1-r3 android-x86-8.1-r4 android-x86-8.1-r5 android-x86-9.0-r1 android-x86-9.0-r2
2018-12-26 Linjie Fuva/va_trace: add va_TraceSurface support for VA_FOURCC_P010 android-x86-8.1-r1
2018-12-26 Haihao XiangAdd pointer to struct wl_interface for driver to use
2018-12-20 Víctor Manuel... va: fix new line symbol in error message
2018-12-20 Víctor Manuel... av: avoid driver path truncation
2018-12-19 Badiuzzaman... Fix compilation warning (uninit and wrong variable...
2018-12-19 Mark ThompsonAllow import of the DRM PRIME 2 memory type
2018-12-11 Xu Guangxinandroid: ignore unimportant compile warnnings
2018-12-11 Xu Guangxincompile: fix sign/unsign compare in va_trace.c
2018-12-11 Xu Guangxinandroid: replace utils/Log.h with log/log.h
2018-12-03 furongzhHigh Dynamic Range Tone Mapping: Add a new filter for...
2018-12-03 Mark ThompsonRemove restrictions on vaSetDriverName()
2018-10-22 XinfengZhanglibva 2.4.0 pre1
2018-09-30 XinfengZhanglibva 2.3.0 pre1
2018-09-20 Wang, Chengwei CAdd max frame size parameters for multiple pass case...
2018-09-12 xiaomincAdd new BRC mode AVBR
2018-09-04 FurongZhangHigh Dynamic Range
2018-08-28 Víctor Manuel... va: Add missing enum to string conversions
2018-08-15 Zhengguo.Xuadd hevc subsets parameters structure
2018-08-15 FurongZhangCustomized Noise Reduction (HVS)
2018-08-08 XinfengZhangadd new BRC mode definition QVBR
2018-07-30 Bernd KuhlsCheck for -fstack-protector
2018-07-25 Mark ThompsonAdd more complete colour properties for use in VPP
2018-07-05 Haihao Xianglibva 2.2.1.pre1 for development
2018-06-27 Haihao Xianglibva 2.2.0 pre1
2018-05-14 Mark ThompsonAdd missing rate control parameters to trace output
2018-05-14 Mark ThompsonImprove documentation for encode HRD parameters
2018-05-14 Mark ThompsonImprove documentation for encode framerate parameters
2018-05-14 Mark ThompsonImprove documentation for rate control parameters
2018-05-14 Mark ThompsonAdd generated documentation files to .gitignore
2018-05-14 Mark ThompsonAdd comments explaining layout of formats represented...
2018-05-14 Mark ThompsonAdd 10/12-bit YUV render target formats
2018-05-14 Mark ThompsonRemove incorrect "BPP" suffix from 10-bit render target...
2018-05-14 Mark ThompsonAdd strings for H.265 RExt subprofiles
2018-05-14 Mark ThompsonRemove duplicate AYUV fourcc
2018-05-14 Mark ThompsonRemove executable mode from source files
2018-04-13 Zhengguo.Xuadd hevc picture parameters, slice parameters and profi...
2018-04-13 Zhengguo.Xuadd fourcc code for y210/y216/ayuv/y410/y416 format
2018-04-08 dlin2Add 'fast_intra_mode' in VAEncMiscParameterFEIFrameCont...
2018-03-30 Roman Kazantsev[common] Add RGB565 and BGR565 definitions
2018-03-30 Philipp Kerlingva: Add VA_SURFACE_ATTRIB_USAGE_HINT_EXPORT
2018-03-20 U. Artie EoffFix issue with static analysis scan
2018-03-15 Haihao XiangAdd '-Wall -fstack-protector' to CFLAGS
2018-03-15 Haihao XiangUse the new link URLs
2018-03-13 Haihao XiangFix comment about VADRMPRIMESurfaceDescriptor
2018-03-13 Haihao XiangReturn once the drawable is destroyed
2018-03-08 Haihao XiangMerge branch 'v2.1-branch' into master
2018-03-02 ChenXiaominva: add new VA STATUS ERROR
2018-03-02 Haihao XiangUpdate .travis.yml
2018-02-12 Haihao Xianglibva 2.1.0
2018-02-02 Xiang, Haihaolibva 2.1.0.pre1
2018-02-02 Xiang, Haihaolibva 2.1.1.pre1 for development
2018-02-02 Víctor Manuel... Fix broken 'make distclean'
2018-02-01 Víctor Manuel... build: meson: build documentation
2018-02-01 Víctor Manuel... build: enable out-of-source building
2018-02-01 Víctor Manuel... build: clean generated documentation
2018-02-01 Víctor Manuel... build: use condititional doc generation
2018-02-01 Víctor Manuel... doc: don't generate latex
2018-02-01 Víctor Manuel... doc: use Doxyfile template
2018-02-01 Xiang, Haihaomeson: Fix libtool version number
2018-01-30 Xiang, HaihaoRevert "fei_hevc: Add control to use avc VME to do...
2018-01-26 dlin2fei_hevc: Add control to use avc VME to do intra predic...
2018-01-26 Xu Guangxinandroid: fix typo introduced by 4cc9a74b
2018-01-23 Xiang, HaihaoUpdate some comments about VADRMPRIMESurfaceDescriptor
2018-01-17 Victor Tosova_trace: Remove unused variable
2018-01-12 Xu Guangxinandroid: remove useless vaPutSurface
2018-01-11 Víctor Manuel... meson: add va_fei_hevc.h
2018-01-03 Pengfei QuAdd documents for VP9/VP9/HEVC/JPEG/FEI
2018-01-03 Pengfei QuUpdate for the documents generation
2018-01-03 peng.chenFix tracing index allocation issue
2018-01-03 xinfengzadd comments for FEI
2018-01-03 Jun Zhaova: add missing error status/error message map.
2018-01-02 HongboExpose the encode passes interface.
2018-01-02 Víctor Manuel... Add meson support
2018-01-02 XinfengZhangremove max_display_attributes value check.
2017-12-05 Jun Zhaodeprecated VAEncSliceParameterBuffer.
2017-12-05 Jun ZhaoUpdate some comment about FEI in VA-API.
2017-12-01 U. Artie Eofftrace: init mutex before attempting to lock it
2017-11-27 U. Artie EoffRevert "configure: set strict default compiler flags"
2017-11-22 Mark ThompsonAdd a new DRM PRIME memory type
2017-11-22 Mark ThompsonAdd a new interface for exporting surfaces
2017-11-22 Kelvin HuHEVC FEI support
2017-11-22 Kelvin HuStatistics function for FEI and non-FEI
2017-11-22 xfengcarlreport QP Block Size
2017-11-22 xfengcarladd decode stream out buffer type
2017-11-22 xfengcarladd common error for coded status of encode
2017-11-22 xfengcarladd perMB skip disable control.
2017-11-22 xfengcarladd sequence display extension support for MPEG2 encode
2017-11-22 xfengcarladd controls for encode quality
2017-11-22 xfengcarladd mb number in decode MB errors
2017-11-22 xinfengzslide window support
2017-11-22 pyleeadd VAConfigAttribDecProcessing for decode post process
2017-11-22 xfengcarladd NV21 fourcc
2017-11-22 xfengcarladd RGB 10-bit packed format
2017-11-22 xfengcarladd new BRC method
2017-11-22 pyleeadd encoding dirty rectangle. Read-only.
2017-11-22 Ping Liuadd support for processing rate
2017-11-22 Jonathan BianAdd encoding intra refresh attribute
2017-11-22 Jonathan Bianadd Encoding quantization
2017-11-22 xfengcarlexpose driver capibility of resolution