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2014-12-28 Chih-Wei HuangMerge remote-tracking branch 'x86/kitkat-x86' into... lollipop-x86
2014-12-28 Chih-Wei Huanglibsensors: make the implementation be compatible with... kitkat-x86
2014-11-06 Chih-Wei Huanglibsensors: fix building issues on Android 5.0
2014-04-28 Chih-Wei Huanglibsensors: Add Android.mk of Android-x86
2014-02-27 Archana Patnilibsensors: Fix accel and gyro min delay
2014-02-26 Archana Patnilibsensors: sensor configuration files for bdw_rvp
2014-02-26 Archana Patnilibsensors: Modified target to bdw_wsb in Android.mk
2014-02-26 Archana Patnilibsensors: Added Pressure Sensor configuration for...
2014-02-26 Archana Patnilibsensors: Added Proximity sensor configuration change...
2014-02-26 Archana PatniSensors: Initial checkin for BDW_WSB sensor configurati...
2014-02-20 Archanalibsensors: Added support for Proximity sensor
2014-02-20 Archanalibsensors: Added Pressure sensor configuration for...
2014-02-20 Archanalibsensors: Added support for Pressure sensor
2014-02-07 ArchanaSensors: Setting sensor's sensitivity value to default...
2014-01-21 Per Perssonlibsensors: Improve accel and gyro
2013-12-16 Per PerssonREVERTME: libsensors: Add support for BYT-M
2013-12-04 Mattias Petterssonlibsensors: Import OTC sensor HAL for HSB and adapt...
2013-12-04 Andy Rosslibsensors: Add orientation sensor
2013-12-04 Andy Rosslibsensors: Integrate the quaternion sensor and use...
2013-12-04 Andy Rosslibsensors: Allow IIO max sample rate to be configured...
2013-12-04 Andy Rosslibsensors: correct read() usage
2013-12-04 Andy Rosslibsensors: Fix memory leak when sensors are enabled
2013-12-04 Andy Rosslibsensors: Re-fix "non-streaming" state, provide for...
2013-12-04 Adriana ReusSet minimum delay for accelerometer events.
2013-12-04 BillySensors: Change MinDelay for matching non-streaming...
2013-12-04 Huzefa Kankroliwalabigcore: Give more time for iio device detection
2013-12-04 SharadaModified supported sensor capabilities
2013-12-04 Daniel Leunglibsensors: retry more and deal with sensor hub quirk
2013-12-04 Matt Gumbellibsensors: modified default gyro orientation
2013-12-04 Matt Gumbellibsensors: save sensor presence from first boot
2013-12-04 Matt Gumbelbigcore/libsensors: check for presence of IIO sensors
2013-12-04 srinivas pandruvadaSensor HAL: Allow orientation and hysteresis config
2013-12-04 Andrew Boiepc_std: rename to 'bigcore'
2013-12-04 srinivas pandruvadaSensor HAL: Added ALS
2013-12-04 srinivas pandruvadaSensor HAL: Added Compass
2013-12-04 srinivas pandruvadaSensor HAL: Gyro 3D
2013-12-04 srinivas pandruvadaSensor HAL: Accelerometer 3D
2013-12-04 srinivas pandruvadaSensor HAL: IIO
2013-12-04 Jim BrideTweak Lenovo target for Jelly Bean
2013-12-04 srinivas pandruvadalibsensors framework
2013-10-30 JenkinsInitial empty repository