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2010-04-17 Wallace Wangset alarm volume adjustable and disable vibrate for... eclair-x86
2010-02-05 The Android... reconcile main tree with open-source eclair
2010-01-29 The Android... reconcile android-2.1_r1 snapshot
2010-01-20 Eric FischerAdd translations for Dock Settings menu item.
2010-01-20 Daniel SandlerAdd Dock Settings menu item to DeskClock.
2010-01-16 Daniel SandlerRe-schedule screen saver mode when returning to normal.
2010-01-14 Daniel SandlerFix http://b/2326879 (drawing glitches)
2010-01-12 The Android... android-2.1_r1 snapshot
2010-01-11 The Android... empty initial commit
2010-01-08 Daniel SandlerRefresh date display at midnight.
2009-12-11 Daniel SandlerDismiss the desk clock if it was launched by docking.
2009-12-10 Eric FischerImport revised translations. DO NOT MERGE
2009-12-08 Daniel SandlerShow a long dash instead of 0° if no temperature is...
2009-12-04 Daniel SandlerFix http://b/2305223 (DO NOT MERGE)
2009-12-02 Android (Google... Merge change Iabe6771c into eclair
2009-12-02 Eric FischerImport revised translations. DO NOT MERGE
2009-12-02 Android (Google... Merge change I63863614 into eclair
2009-12-02 Android (Google... Merge change I0a8adab9 into eclair
2009-12-02 Patrick ScottReverting this change to fix 2252466.
2009-12-01 Daniel SandlerReduce screen saver delay to 5 min.
2009-11-30 Patrick ScottUI changes based on feedback from Jeff and Amar.
2009-11-30 Android (Google... Merge change I1afe6674 into eclair
2009-11-30 Eric FischerImport revised translations. DO NOT MERGE
2009-11-27 Eric LaurentFix issue 2192673: Music Pausing Even when notification...
2009-11-23 Daniel SandlerContinued UI fit-and-finish for DeskClock.
2009-11-23 Daniel SandlerAdd "add alarm" menu to the DeskClock activity.
2009-11-19 Patrick ScottAsynchronously handle TIME_TICK to not block the broadcast.
2009-11-19 Patrick ScottMake the alert layout a little better.
2009-11-19 Patrick ScottAllow picking ringtones as alarm alerts.
2009-11-18 Daniel SandlerMyriad fixes & cleanups in DeskClock.
2009-11-18 Patrick ScottUI tweaks to meet Jeff's spec.
2009-11-16 Patrick ScottFinish the UI improvements for the alarm list.
2009-11-16 Android (Google... Merge change Ic31f08c3 into eclair
2009-11-16 Patrick ScottMake the default ringtone selected in the list.
2009-11-16 Patrick ScottNew UI for the list of alarms.
2009-11-14 Android (Google... Merge change Ia9f7e629 into eclair
2009-11-14 Eric FischerImport revised translations. DO NOT MERGE
2009-11-13 Daniel SandlerFine-tuning the DeskClock UI.
2009-11-13 Eric FischerImport revised translations. DO NOT MERGE
2009-11-12 Daniel SandlerFix http://b/2249983 .
2009-11-12 Android (Google... Merge change Ic7edd6ea into eclair
2009-11-12 Daniel SandlerFix b/2235284 by putting the next alarm in the Clock...
2009-11-12 Daniel SandlerAdd text descriptions for icons in DeskClock.
2009-11-11 Daniel SandlerFix http://b/2232909 .
2009-11-11 Daniel SandlerUse an alarm to refresh the date at midnight.
2009-11-11 Daniel SandlerFix http://b/2246758 (new icon for slideshow)
2009-11-10 Daniel SandlerPreserve dim status when pausing.
2009-11-09 Patrick ScottCancel the snooze if the user sets an alarm for before...
2009-11-06 Daniel SandlerMore UI tweaks:
2009-11-06 Daniel SandlerDeskClock UI fixes.
2009-11-06 Android (Google... Merge change I7ea1d183 into eclair
2009-11-06 Daniel SandlerAlarm Clock is now simply Clock.
2009-11-05 Daniel SandlerLaunch the Genie widget when the weather is tapped.
2009-11-05 Daniel SandlerFix trackball focus issues on orientation change.
2009-11-05 Daniel SandlerIntegrate final button artwork for DeskClock.
2009-11-04 Daniel SandlerStart Gallery in slideshow mode from DeskClock.
2009-11-04 Android (Google... Merge change I0a267d0f into eclair
2009-11-03 Daniel SandlerMore tweaks per spec.
2009-11-03 Patrick ScottChange default sort order to sort by alarm time.
2009-11-02 Daniel SandlerAlarmClock tweaks.
2009-10-30 Daniel SandlerCompleted weather support; new screen-saving mode.
2009-10-30 Daniel SandlerRename Desk Clock (back) to Alarm Clock.
2009-10-29 Android (Google... Merge change I2763ab4c into eclair
2009-10-29 Daniel SandlerShow weather forecast in DeskClock.
2009-10-28 Android (Google... Merge change Ia21b2db5 into eclair
2009-10-28 Patrick ScottThe snooze notification must be clicked to be cleared.
2009-10-28 Mike CleronNew launcher icon, and placeholder for new widget icon
2009-10-27 Android (Google... Merge change Iacb94df8 into eclair
2009-10-27 Daniel SandlerLandscape layout for DeskClock.
2009-10-27 Mike CleronNew widget assets
2009-10-23 Daniel SandlerWiring up gallery & music buttons.
2009-10-23 Daniel SandlerUI improvements to DeskClock.
2009-10-23 Daniel SandlerReduce size of digital clock display.
2009-10-23 Daniel SandlerWire up date & next alarm displays.
2009-10-22 Patrick ScottShow AM/PM in the same spot on the clock.
2009-10-22 Patrick ScottReplace AlarmClock with DeskClock.
2009-10-22 Daniel SandlerNew DeskClock activity, now the main app entry point.
2009-10-20 Patrick ScottRemove the menu and replace with buttons.
2009-10-20 Patrick ScottUse Clockopia as the typeface for the digital clock.
2009-10-19 Patrick ScottChange the default alarms.
2009-10-19 Patrick ScottRemove the clock face from the alarm list.
2009-10-16 Daniel SandlerMoving things around a little in the new DeskClock.
2009-10-16 Patrick ScottFix the build.
2009-10-08 Eric Fischeram eecd5bff: (-s ours) Import revised translations...
2009-10-02 Android (Google... Merge change If8d2e944 into eclair
2009-10-02 Mike CleronIcons again
2009-10-01 Daniel SandlerRemove superfluous icon.
2009-10-01 Dianne HackbornFix issue #2154688: when alarm rings ,device does not...
2009-09-30 Android (Google... Merge change I7495b004 into eclair
2009-09-30 Patrick ScottPressing back will now save the alarm similar to how...
2009-09-30 Android (Google... Merge change Ie77b0e71 into eclair
2009-09-30 Daniel SandlerUpdated AlarmClock hdpi graphics.
2009-09-30 Mike CleronNewer icons
2009-09-29 Eric FischerImport revised translations. DO NOT MERGE
2009-09-29 Android (Google... Merge change I3105cddf into eclair
2009-09-29 Patrick ScottUse onStartCommand since onStart is deprecated.
2009-09-29 Mike CleronNew icon
2009-09-22 Dianne HackbornUpdate to use new unlock APIs, new wallpaper theme.
2009-09-18 Patrick ScottFix a couple race conditions with expired alarms.
2009-09-17 Eric FischerImport revised translations. DO NOT MERGE