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2020-06-04 The Grand Dogcommit the part that makes the map work snapshot
2020-06-02 The Grand Dogfixed snapshot, it now works when there are blank rows...
2020-06-01 The Grand Dogadded WIP snapshot system
2020-05-04 melchiorChanged shard (png) output to its own "Chunks" director...
2020-04-28 melchiorFixed missing ref on ChunkMeta, Using Generics
2020-04-27 The Grand DogMerge branch 'Split_renderers' into vgd
2020-04-27 The Grand DogUpdate AutomapSystem.cs
2020-04-27 The Grand DogCOMPLETE rewrite of the JSON generator to use new lambd...
2020-04-25 melchiorPotential fix for Memory leak - Clear (some) Metadata... Split_renderers
2020-04-05 melchiorPre-RC0: added Name to POI Metadata.js, Pass 2.5
2020-04-01 melchiorPre-RC0: Pass 2; JSON Field metadata dynamic generation.
2020-03-30 melchiorMerge branch 'vgd' of into Split_renderers
2020-03-28 The Grand Dogfully implement the most advanced version of the map...
2020-03-22 The Grand Dogtypo
2020-03-20 melchiorPre-RC1: Added Tab delimited POI/EOI report file
2020-03-14 melchiorPre-PR: Point Metadata persistence, GUI work
2020-03-11 The Grand DogMerge branch 'Split_renderers' into vgd
2020-03-11 The Grand Dogforgot to update .csproj
2020-03-11 The Grand Dogchange the way the metadata is exported, typos
2020-03-08 melchiorPre-RC: fix wrong column size [constant off-by 1]
2020-03-05 melchiorPre-PR5: GUI panel update changes...
2020-03-05 melchiorPre-PR5 Configurable Designators, Autostart, fix for...
2020-03-02 melchiorPre-PR5; Minor changes to Rock-map data
2020-03-02 melchiorPre-PR5: Now with better, mostly-standard-compliant...
2020-03-01 The Grand DogMerge branch 'Split_renderers' into vgd
2020-03-01 The Grand Dogchat message -> verbose debug
2020-02-29 melchiorPost-PR4 #2: Heightmap in PNG Metadata, JSON encoding...
2020-02-26 melchiorPost PR4 fixes; (added static HTML to project_,
2020-02-26 The Grand Dogbug fix with international use, simplification
2020-02-26 The Grand Dogreplaced the static static map with dynamic static...
2020-02-25 The Grand DogMerge branch 'Split_renderers' into vgd
2020-02-25 The Grand Dogadd prettyCoord value to metadata
2020-02-23 The Grand Dogprep Metadata.js for ViewFrame, bug fix with POI positions
2020-02-21 The Grand Dogindentation
2020-02-20 melchiorAdjusted notes GUI, POI/EOI JSON metadata added
2020-02-16 melchiorAdded Notation feature
2020-02-16 melchiorFixed JSON format
2020-02-14 melchiorW.I.P. VII: Cmd events mostly Protobufferized,
2020-02-10 melchiorW.I.P. VI: Automap Commanded by local event bus
2020-02-08 melchiorW.I.P. V: more GUI work - start of Message bus to Autom...
2020-02-08 The Grand Dogindentation
2020-02-04 melchiorW.I.P. IV: More reliable entity / block scanning (full...
2020-01-30 melchiorW.I.P. III: Translocator working Via BlockEntity scan...
2020-01-27 melchiorW.I.P. for Split Rendering; Working Entity P.O.I. ...
2020-01-23 melchiorSplit Renderers (W.I.P.)
2020-01-17 melchiorW.I.P. #7 fix for PNG Chunk factory, GUI stuff
2020-01-10 melchiorW.I.P. #6: GUI incomplete, injected JSON map state...
2019-12-31 melchiorRC.ZERO; Metadata persistence on PNG chunk shards
2019-12-23 melchiorre-load partial map metadata
2019-12-11 melchiorMetadata collection capability, added tooltips on map
2019-12-11 melchiorFIX: Temporary chunks list to avoid Enumerator mutation
2019-12-09 melchiorW.I.P. #5 Point of Interest designators now better
2019-12-08 melchiorW.I.P. #4 POI code updates, changes for that...
2019-12-08 melchiorW.I.P. #C - changed color channels [bug-workaround]
2019-12-07 melchiorW.I.P. #3B - added 'client' flag to modinfo, changed...
2019-12-07 melchiorW.I.P. #3 This Coordinate system...tricky!
2019-12-06 melchiorW.I.P. #2 Designators for POI - partly implimented...
2019-12-04 melchiorInitial 0.1 W.I.P. version