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descriptionCommon Source Code Project for Qt (a.k.a for FM-7).
last changeMon, 18 Mar 2019 19:19:53 +0000 (04:19 +0900)
10 hours ago K.Ohta[VM][I386][COMMON_VM] Integrate to upstream.Use vm... master
10 days ago K.Ohta[BUILD][WIN32] Try: Cross build with LLVM CLANG(still...
10 days ago K.Ohta[VM] .
10 days ago K.Ohta[VM][FMTOWNS] Some devices are enabled to compile.
11 days ago K.Ohta[VM][FMTOWNS][AD7820KR] Improve around sound recording.
11 days ago K.Ohta[VM][EVENT][DEVICE] Add new APIs for recording sound.
12 days ago K.Ohta[SOUND][VM][PCM1BIT][AY_3_891X] Re-implement low pass...
12 days ago K.Ohta[COMMON] Add high pass/low pass filter function.
13 days ago K.Ohta[VM][PCM1BIT][AY3_891x] Add LPF feature.See initialize_...
2019-03-01 K.Ohta[VM][FMTOWNS] Hardware abstract.
2019-02-27 K.Ohta[Build][Linux] buildvars.dat: Add "USE_SHRINK_DEBUG_SYM...
2019-02-24 K.Ohta[Build][GCC] Fix FTBFS without setting LTO_THREADS...
2019-02-21 K.Ohta[UINX] Update installer script.
2019-02-21 K.Ohta[DOC] .
2019-02-21 K.Ohta[OpenGL4_5][OOPS] I missed not to map buffer (;´Д`)
2019-02-21 K.Ohta[DOC] Update date.
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