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descriptionSource code and sample for Educational-PWDFT
last changeSat, 29 Dec 2018 08:54:24 +0000 (17:54 +0900)
2018-12-29 mitsuaki1987Report samle master
2018-12-27 mitsuaki1987Add script to generate QE input from cif file
2018-12-21 Mitsuaki KawamuraScript to find optimized lattice constant
2018-12-20 Mitsuaki KawamuraAdd description for PS and source browser
2018-12-20 mitsuaki1987MIT/X Consortium License
2018-12-20 mitsuaki1987Computing total energy
2018-12-14 mitsuaki1987k point for Si does not need to be dense because it...
2018-12-13 mitsuaki1987Broyden's method is unified to the description of slide
2018-12-10 Mitsuaki KawamuraBag Fix in multi species case.
2018-12-07 Mitsuaki KawamuraBag fix: LOBPCG eval exceeded the array size in diag_ovlp
2018-12-07 Mitsuaki KawamuraDo not use in-place FFT.
2018-12-07 mitsuaki1987This file should not be shared.
2018-12-07 6955371525Add make.inc for Mac
2018-12-07 mitsuaki1987Backup
2018-12-06 Mitsuaki KawamuraBackupp
2018-11-29 Mitsuaki KawamuraBackup
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