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last changeWed, 5 Jun 2013 10:12:52 +0000 (19:12 +0900)
2013-06-05 hylomfix get_elements_by_class: correct when more than one... master
2011-08-25 Hiromichi MATSUSHIMAfix: attribute string isn't encoded
2011-08-01 Hiromichi MATSUSHIMAfix get_elemnets_* to not find itsef
2011-07-28 Hiromichi MATSUSHIMAadd HTMLTree.next_tag() and prev_tag()
2011-07-28 Hiromichi MATSUSHIMAappend TEXTRenderer and HTMLElement.inner_text()
2011-07-28 Hiromichi MATSUSHIMAadd entityref handler
2011-07-28 Hiromichi MATSUSHIMAfix auto-import htmltree.py
2011-07-21 Hiromichi MATSUSHIMAadd SGML declare handler
2011-07-15 Hiromichi MATSUSHIMAadd __eq__() to HTMLElement
2011-07-13 Hiromichi MATSUSHIMAimplement HTMLElement.delete, but buggy...
2011-07-13 Hiromichi MATSUSHIMAadd 'remove_element' func
2011-07-08 Hiromichi MATSUSHIMAto use doublequote when singelquote is in attribute...
2011-07-08 Hiromichi MATSUSHIMAmore strict process about to tags not to need close
2011-06-28 Hiromichi MATSUSHIMAfix for unicode type input
2011-06-22 Hiromichi MATSUSHIMAfix select: to more CSS style selection
2011-06-22 Hiromichi MATSUSHIMAimplement select, select_1st partialy
7 years ago master