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openssl: bump to 1.1.1o
[immortalwrt/immortalwrt.git] / README.md
2021-10-20 Paul SpoorenREADME: mention video feed
2021-06-12 Paul SpoorenREADME: switch from freenode to oftc
2021-06-12 Paul SpoorenREADME: update routing.git URL
2021-03-26 Petr ŠtetiarREADME: add install command to build requirements
2021-03-15 Andre Heiderbuild: prereq: drop support for Python 3.5
2021-03-03 Petr Štetiarbuild: add which command to build requirements
2021-03-03 Petr Štetiarbuild: make GCC version 6+ minimal host build requirement
2021-02-16 Paul Spoorenbuild/prereq: require make 4.1 or later
2020-12-07 Stijn Tintelbuild: require rsync
2020-12-01 Paul SpoorenREADME: mv logo.svg include/logo.{png,svg}
2020-08-02 Paul SpoorenREADME: port to 21st century