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image: drop unused 'BuildKernel/MkFIT'
[immortalwrt/immortalwrt.git] / include / image.mk
2022-05-12 Piotr Dymaczimage: drop unused 'BuildKernel/MkFIT'
2022-03-29 Paul Spoorenbuild: store sha256_unsigned in JSON
2022-03-29 Stijn Tintelimage: let mksquashfs4 use all processors
2022-03-27 Felix Fietkaubuild: add support for passing C preprocessor flags...
2021-10-24 Christian Lamparterimage: define DEVICE_DTS_DELIMITER as per-device variable
2021-09-14 Paul Spoorenbuild: store artifacts in JSON
2021-08-19 Daniel Golleimage: fix build with SELinux
2021-08-03 Daniel Golleimages: squashfs: xattrs should not depend on buld...
2021-06-08 David Bauerbuild: fix build for devices without initramfs
2021-06-02 Paul Spoorenbuild/json: fix DEVICE_PACKAGES
2021-05-13 Leonardo Mörleinbuild: introduce $(MKHASH)
2021-03-24 Daniel Golleimage: fix append-image when building multiple profiles
2021-03-24 Oskari Lemmelabuild: artifacts: add dependency for built images
2021-03-17 Daniel Golleinclude/image*: add support for device-tree overlays
2021-03-05 Robert Markobuild: use config-1 instead of config@1 as default
2021-03-03 Felix Fietkaubuild: use numeric uid/gid on cpio calls
2021-02-28 David Bauerinclude: use cpio from staging dir
2021-02-25 Adrian Schmutzlertreewide: rename IMAGE_PREFIX/IMAGE_NAME to DEVICE_IMG_*
2021-02-24 David Bauerbuild: avoid generating JSON info on missing image
2021-02-21 Moritz Warningbuild/json: generate json file for initramfs
2021-02-19 Daniel Gollemediatek: more clean solution for out-of-tree DTS
2021-02-19 Daniel Gollemediatek: move out-of-tree DTS files to dedicated dts...
2021-02-05 Paul Spoorenbuild: use SPDX license tags
2021-01-23 Adrian Schmutzlertreewide: provide global default for SUPPORTED_DEVICES
2020-12-14 Paul Spoorenbuild/json: add filesystem information
2020-11-25 Sander Vanheulebuild: add UIMAGE_MAGIC to device variables
2020-11-12 Paul Spoorenbuild: store SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH in JSON info files
2020-10-30 Adrian Schmutzlerkernel: remove obsolete kernel version switches for...
2020-10-30 Adrian Schmutzlerimage: drop obsolete legacy image recipes
2020-10-30 Adrian Schmutzlerimage: drop unused legacy NAND build recipes
2020-09-29 Daniel Golleimage.mk: evaluate /etc/selinux/config to choose SELinu...
2020-09-28 Paul Spoorenpolicycoreutils: install to host/bin not hostpkg
2020-09-27 Daniel Gollepolicycoreutils: fix host utils rpath and bin directory
2020-09-25 Christian Lamparterscripts: mkits.sh make it possible to specify fdt@#
2020-09-01 Daniel Gollebuild: unbreak fakeroot in SDK
2020-08-31 Thomas Petazzonibuild: add support for SELinux to include/image.mk
2020-07-31 Adrian Schmutzlerbuild: add DEVICE_COMPAT_VERSION and DEVICE_COMPAT_MESSAGE
2020-07-30 Adrian Schmutzlerbuild: add option to mark devices as BROKEN
2020-06-30 Paul Spoorenbuild: store default/device packages in JSON
2020-04-04 Kevin Darbyshire... treewide: convert sed -r to posix -E
2020-04-03 Paul Spoorenbuild: refactor JSON info files to `profiles.json`
2020-03-31 李国x86: generate EFI platform bootable images
2020-03-21 Paul Spoorenx86: switch image generation to new code
2020-03-11 Sungbo Eobuild: image: move IMAGE_SIZE to image.mk
2020-02-13 Paul Spoorenbuild: fix empty SUBTARGET in json files
2020-01-18 Sungbo Eokernel: remove further obsolete kernel version switches
2019-12-20 Adrian Schmutzlerbuild: image: add SOC device variable
2019-11-12 Kevin Darbyshire... build: image: posix compatibility cut v head
2019-11-11 Paul Spoorenbuild: image: add common and reproducible IMG_PART_SIGN...
2019-11-08 Petr Štetiarbuild: image: fix build breakage of some images
2019-11-03 Yousong Zhoubuild: label kernel and rootfs ext4 volumes
2019-09-29 Paul Spoorenbuild: create JSON files containing image info
2019-09-07 Jonas GorskiRevert "build: remove harmful -nopad option from mksqua...
2019-08-30 Christian Lamparterbuild: remove harmful -nopad option from mksquashfs
2019-08-22 Paul Spoorenimage.mk: keep underscores when sanitize PROFILE
2019-08-22 Paul Spoorenbuild: introduce ALT vendor/model/variant
2019-08-13 Jonas Gorskibuild: allow overriding default selection state for...
2019-08-13 Paul Spoorenimage.mk: remove device_ from manifest filename
2019-07-04 Paul Spoorenath79: split DEVICE_TITLE in multiple variables
2019-06-27 Petr Štetiarbuild: image: make image padding OS agnostic
2019-06-25 Petr Štetiarbuild: image: add IMG_ROOTFS and IMG_COMBINED variables
2019-06-25 Petr Štetiarbuild: image: add variable for gzip-ext4-padded-squashfs
2019-06-25 Petr Štetiarbuild: image: add pad-to and pad-rootfs-squashfs helpers
2019-05-18 Christian Lamparterbuild: add UBOOT_PATH to DEFAULT_DEVICE_VARS and set...
2019-04-06 Eneas U de Queirozbuild: remove sgid permission from tar
2019-04-01 Petr Štetiarbuild: image: Fix off-by-one in DTC kernel version...
2019-03-11 Daniel GolleIB: include SUPPORTED_DEVICES in 'make info' output
2019-03-06 Daniel Golleib: display whether profile comes with image metadata
2019-02-28 Alexander Couzenstools: migrate from squashfs4 to squashfskit4
2019-02-17 Sven Eckelmannbuild: Accept BIN_DIR parameter for legacy-images
2019-02-11 Christian Lamparterbuild: add KERNEL_ENTRY and sort DEFAULT_DEVICE_VARS
2019-02-05 Petr Štetiarbuild: Fix missing device variables for artifacts
2019-01-26 Petr Štetiarbuild: dtc: Disable noisy warnings by default
2019-01-19 Jo-Philipp Wichbuild: add ABI_VERSION to binary package names
2018-11-26 Petr Štetiarbuild: Introduce building of artifacts
2018-07-02 Felix Fietkaubuild: ensure that iwinfo is selected when building...
2018-03-17 Sven Eckelmannbuild: Allow to change the FIT config section name
2018-03-15 Christian Lamparterbuild: revert "make image target wait for initramfs"
2018-03-14 Christian Lamparterbuild: make image target wait for initramfs
2018-03-09 Matthias Schifferinclue/image.mk: fix package installation for per-devic...
2018-03-07 Matthias Schifferinclude/image.mk: base package-list manifest on unprepa...
2018-03-07 Matthias Schifferinclude/rootfs.mk: pass additional files dir to prepare...
2018-02-05 Felix Fietkaubuild: replace uses of OpenWrt with $(VERSION_DIST)
2018-01-11 Jo-Philipp Wichbuild: fix restoring /etc/opkg with PER_DEVICE_ROOTFS
2017-12-08 Zoltan HERPAImerge: targets: update image generation and targets
2017-11-09 Felix Fietkaubuild: fix generating dtb with / in DEVICE_DTS
2017-11-03 Felix Fietkaubuild: fix another regression in append-dtb fix
2017-11-03 Felix Fietkaubuild: fix regression in append-dtb fix
2017-11-02 Felix Fietkaubuild: allow calling append-dtb from image build commands
2017-10-24 Florian Fainelliinclude: Include new location for DT bindings
2017-05-14 Michal Sojkaimage.mk: Generate cpiogz with root-owned files
2017-04-24 John Crispininclude/image.mk: allow passing a compat string to...
2017-03-22 John Crispininclude: add KERNEL_LOAD_ADDR to TARGET_VARS
2017-03-13 Felix Fietkauimage.mk: force kernel rebuild on every run
2017-02-26 Felix Fietkaubuild: get rid of host.mk
2017-01-13 Felix Fietkauimage.mk: add generic function for gzipping images...
2017-01-13 Felix Fietkauimage: when using the new image build code, gzip ext4...
2017-01-13 Ian Pozellaimage.mk: use LINUX_KARCH rather than ARCH for mkits
2017-01-10 Felix Fietkaubuild: remove obsolete parallel build related options
2017-01-09 Felix Fietkaubuild: fix build of ubifs images