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util-linux: use meson to build
[immortalwrt/immortalwrt.git] / package / utils / util-linux / Makefile
2022-05-15 Rosen Penevutil-linux: use meson to build
2022-05-15 Rosen Penevutil-linux: update to 2.38
2022-03-05 Oskari Rautautil-linux: add lsns
2022-02-05 Stijn Tintelutil-linux: package ipcs command
2022-02-01 Hauke Mehrtensutil-linux: Update to version 2.37.3
2022-02-01 Hauke Mehrtensutil-linux: Do not build raw any more.
2022-01-28 Roman Azarenkoutil-linux: add lslocks
2022-01-21 Hauke Mehrtensutil-linux: Add taskset
2021-08-08 Rosen Penevutil-linux: update to 2.37
2021-02-15 Felix Fietkauutil-linux: move libuuid BuildPackage line further...
2021-01-31 Rosen Penevutil-linux: remove custom pkgconfig patch
2020-12-16 Rosen Penevutil-linux: update to 2.36.1
2020-09-06 Rosen Penevutil-linux: Fix build when libmagic is present
2020-08-31 Rosen Penevutil-linux: update to 2.36
2020-06-26 Huangbin Zhanlogger: enable alternatives support
2020-02-20 Daniel Engbergutil-linux: Update to 2.35.1
2019-10-27 Rosen Penevutil-linux: Disable utils requiring libpam
2019-10-18 Lucian Cristianutil-linux: add more command
2019-07-08 Daniel Engbergutil-linux: Update to 2.34
2019-01-24 Jo-Philipp Wichtreewide: revise library packaging
2018-11-15 Daniel Engbergutil-linux: Update to 2.33
2018-09-28 Rosy Songutil-linux: add eject support
2018-08-16 Daniel Engbergutil-linux: Update to 2.32.1
2018-07-27 Daniel Golleutil-linux: package blockdev executable
2018-05-07 Yousong Zhouflock: enable alternatives support
2018-03-31 Paul Wassipackages/util/util-linux: Update to 2.32
2018-03-09 Toni Uhligutil-linux: added unshare and nsenter executables
2018-02-24 Tomasz Mońutil-linux: add lscpu package
2018-01-18 Dirk Brenkenutil-linux: add fstrim support
2017-11-17 Alexander Couzensadd PKG_CPE_ID ids to package and tools
2017-09-30 Ryan Mounceutil-linux: update to 2.30.2
2017-08-23 Philip Prindevilleutil-linux: don't need to build NLS support
2017-08-23 Jo-Philipp Wichutil-linux: add missing dependencies
2017-08-21 Daniel Engbergutils/util-linux: Update to 2.30.1
2017-03-22 Felix Fietkauutil-linux: re-enable parallel builds
2017-03-22 Felix Fietkauutil-linux: unconditionally enable ncursesw support
2017-03-22 Daniel Engbergutils/util-linux: Update to 2.29.2
2017-03-22 John CrispinRevert "utils/util-linux: Update to 2.29.2"
2017-03-22 Daniel Engbergutils/util-linux: Update to 2.29.2
2016-12-16 Felix Fietkautreewide: clean up download hashes
2016-10-27 Alberto Bursiutil-linux: disc -> Disc and moved some packages
2016-06-05 Waldemar Brodkorbutil-linux: fix scanf fallback detection for uClibc-ng
2016-05-28 Dirk Neukirchenutil-linux: fix breakage
2016-05-27 Dirk Neukirchenutil-linux: fix sfdisk
2016-04-17 Hauke Mehrtensutil-linux: update to version 2.28
2016-02-12 John Crispinutil-linux: Subpackage for blkdiscard
2015-12-23 John Crispinutil-linux: remove outdated configure options
2015-09-11 Felix Fietkauutil-linux: add prlimit command.
2015-03-22 Nicolas Thillutil-linux: replace spaces with tabs
2015-02-11 Nicolas Thillutil-linux: disable rpath
2015-02-01 Jo-Philipp Wichutil-linux: only enable curses support if required
2015-01-05 Steven Barthutil-linux: fix packaging issues
2014-12-01 John Crispinutil-linux: fix more missing dependencies introduced...
2014-12-01 John Crispinutil-linux: fix missing dependency introduced by r43459
2014-12-01 Luka Perkovutil-linux: package libsmartcols
2014-11-30 Luka Perkovutil-linux: update to 2.25.2
2014-11-03 John Crispinlicense info - revert r43155
2014-11-03 John CrispinAdd more license tags with SPDX identifiers
2014-11-02 Steven BarthAdd a few SPDX tags
2014-10-26 John Crispinutil-linux-dmesg: Add missing install section
2014-06-02 John Crispinutil-linux: Disable sulogin in util-linux package
2014-03-30 John Crispinutil-linux: add missing dependency
2014-03-24 Luka Perkovutil-linux: update to 2.24.1
2013-11-07 John Crispinutil-linux: cleanup description for swap-utils
2013-06-23 John Crispinutil-linux: dont provide swapon/off
2013-06-21 John Crispinpackages: clean up the package folder