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rockchip: drm-rockchip: fix Kconfig
[immortalwrt/immortalwrt.git] / package /
2022-05-17 Tianling ShenMerge Official Source
2022-05-15 Eneas U de Queirozwolfssl: bump to v5.3.0-stable
2022-05-15 Eneas U de Queirozopenssl: bump to 1.1.1o
2022-05-15 Rosen Penevutil-linux: use meson to build
2022-05-15 Rosen Penevutil-linux: update to 2.38
2022-05-15 Felix Fietkaulibubox: update to the latest version
2022-05-14 Christian Lamparteruboot-fritz4040: Add support for Toshiba NAND
2022-05-14 Christian Lamparteripq-wifi: drop upstreamed board-2.bin
2022-05-14 Christian Lamparterlinux-firmware: take linux-firmware.git's qca99x0 boardfile
2022-05-14 Christian Lamparterlinux-firmware: Update to version 20220509
2022-05-12 ZiMing Mokernel: drop shortcut-fe support
2022-05-11 ZiMing MoMerge Official Source
2022-05-10 ZiMing MoRevert "firewall4: disable ipv6 fullcone nat"
2022-05-10 ZiMing Mofullconenat-nft: bump to latest git source
2022-05-07 Raylynn Knightrealtek: add support for ZyXEL GS1900-16
2022-05-07 Christian Lamparterkernel: usb-xhci-pci-renesas: remove LINUX_5_10 depende...
2022-05-07 Christian Lamparterkernel/x86: move x86' specific watchdogs to the x86...
2022-05-07 Christian Lamparterkernel: provide i6300esb for qemu/libvirt
2022-05-06 AmadeusGhostr8125: add LED configuration from OF
2022-05-06 AmadeusGhostrtl8821cu: update to latest git HEAD
2022-05-05 Rodrigo Balerdiipq806x: add support for Arris TR4400 v2 / RAC2V1A
2022-05-04 Arınç ÜNALpackages: nvram: add NVRAM quirks for bcm53xx target
2022-05-04 Tiago Gasparfirewall: config: remove restictions on DHCPv6 allow...
2022-05-04 ZiMing MoMerge branch 'master' of github.com:immortalwrt/immortalwrt
2022-05-04 ZiMing Mor8168: bump to 8.050.00
2022-05-04 ZiMing Modnsmasq: use nft ruleset for dns_redirect
2022-05-04 ZiMing Mofirewall4: disable ipv6 fullcone nat
2022-05-04 Tianling ShenMerge Origin
2022-05-04 Tianling ShenMerge Official Source
2022-05-04 zxlhhycccautocore: luci Synchronous upstream
2022-05-04 Jan Hoffmannltq-vdsl-app: disconnect when service is stopped
2022-05-04 Jan Hoffmannltq-vdsl/ltq-adsl: fix elapsed time calculation
2022-05-04 Jan Hoffmannltq-atm/ltq-ptm: avoid unnecessary build dependencies
2022-05-04 Daniel Golleuqmi: update to git HEAD
2022-05-03 Tianling Sheniucode-tool: fix build
2022-05-03 Daniel Gollefstools: update to git HEAD
2022-05-03 Daniel Golleprocd: update to git HEAD
2022-05-02 Daniel Gollebase-files: simplify restorecon logic
2022-05-02 Dominick Griftselinux-policy: update to version 1.1
2022-05-02 Enrico Miosoipq40xx: fix BDF file for pcie wifi chip on the GL...
2022-05-02 Daniel Gollebase-files: add missing $IPKG_INSTROOT to restorecon...
2022-05-02 Bruno Victaldnsmasq: fix jail_mount for serversfile
2022-05-02 Dominick Griftbase-files: address sed in-place without SELinux awareness
2022-05-02 Rodrigo Balerdibase-files: fix sysupgrade for kernel-out-of-UBI
2022-05-01 Daniel Gollefstools: update to git HEAD
2022-04-30 Nick Hainkemdadm: update to 4.2
2022-04-30 Kerma Géraldf2fs-tools: fix resize.f2fs (#9800)
2022-04-30 Josef Schlehoferuboot-mvebu: update to version v2022.04
2022-04-30 Josef Schlehoferuboot-mvebu: remove enabled CONFIG_CMD_SETEXPR
2022-04-30 Josef Schlehoferuboot-mvebu: add patch to enable setexpr for clearfog...
2022-04-29 Tianling Shenr8125: bump to 9.009.00
2022-04-28 Jo-Philipp Wichucode: reorder BuildPackage calls
2022-04-26 David Baueriwinfo: update to latest HEAD
2022-04-26 Hans Dedeckernat46: update to git HEAD
2022-04-25 David Baueruboot-envtools: add WS-AP3825i config
2022-04-25 Daniel Gollednsmasq: add logfacility file to jail mounts
2022-04-25 ZiMing MoMerge Official Source
2022-04-24 leanautomount: skip some partition
2022-04-24 David Baueriwinfo: update to latest HEAD
2022-04-23 Clemens Hopferramips: add support for YunCore AX820/HWAP-AX820
2022-04-23 ZiMing Mofirewall4: renew fullcone patch
2022-04-23 ZiMing Mofirewall4: renew fullcone patch
2022-04-23 Felix Fietkaumt76: update to the latest version
2022-04-22 Syrone Wongfirewall4: add fullcone support
2022-04-22 Syrone Wongnftables: add fullcone expression support
2022-04-22 Syrone Wonglibnftnl: add fullcone expression support
2022-04-22 Syrone Wongfullconenat-nft: add new package
2022-04-22 Jo-Philipp Wichucode: fix PKG_MIRROR_HASH
2022-04-21 Jo-Philipp Wichfirewall4: update to latest Git HEAD
2022-04-21 Jo-Philipp Wichucode: update to latest Git HEAD
2022-04-21 Tianling Shendefault-settings: remove default password
2022-04-21 Tianling ShenMerge Official Source
2022-04-20 Felix Fietkaumt76: update to the latest version
2022-04-20 Daniel Golleuboot-mediatek: replace patch with accepted commit
2022-04-20 Eneas U de Queirozwolfssl: fix compilation with /dev/crypto
2022-04-19 Daniel Golleuboot-mediatek: remove '0x' prefix from pstore node
2022-04-19 Rodrigo Balerdibase-files: minimize critical time in sysupgrade
2022-04-19 Rodrigo Balerdibase-files: trim unnecessary nand sysupgrade code
2022-04-19 Rodrigo Balerdibase-files: fix issues in nand sysupgrade
2022-04-19 Rodrigo Balerdibase-files: clean up nand sysupgrade code
2022-04-19 Rodrigo Balerdibase-files: clean up ubinized sysupgrade code
2022-04-19 Rodrigo Balerdibase-files: clean up nand tar sysupgrade code
2022-04-19 Rodrigo Balerdibase-files: safer sysupgrade.tar for kernel-out-of-UBI
2022-04-19 Rodrigo Balerdibase-files: safer sysupgrade for kernel-in-UBI devices
2022-04-19 Rodrigo Balerdibase-files: fix nand sysupgrade comments
2022-04-19 Rodrigo Balerdibase-files: improve sysupgrade ubiblock handling
2022-04-19 Rodrigo Balerdibase-files: emit diagnostics on sysupgrade abort
2022-04-18 Thibaut VARÈNEmac80211: fix QCA9561 PA bias
2022-04-17 Hauke Mehrtenslinux-firmware: Update to version 20220411
2022-04-17 Petr ŠtetiarRevert "mac80211 adjust QCA9561 PA bias"
2022-04-17 Tianling ShenMerge Official Source
2022-04-16 Martin Kennedyrealtek: add ZyXEL GS1900-24HP v1 support
2022-04-16 Andrew Powers-Holmesath79: add support for Sophos AP100/AP55 family
2022-04-16 Abdul Aziz Amarramips: add support for BOLT! Arion
2022-04-16 Rosen Penevreadline: add host PIC
2022-04-16 Rosen Penevpcre: pass -fPIC under host as well
2022-04-16 Cezary Jackiewiczcomgt: support ZTE MF286R modem
2022-04-16 Lech Perczakcomgt: ncm: try to detect interface for ttyACM ports
2022-04-16 Lech Perczakcomgt: ncm: select first available network interface...
2022-04-16 Lech Perczakcomgt: ncm: allow specification of interface name