OSDN Git Service

2022-09-09 Tianling Shenbuild: remove redudant code openwrt-18.06
2022-08-17 Tianling Shendownload.pl: add ImmortalWrt fallback
2022-08-16 Tianling Shenx86: include r8101 by default
2022-08-16 Tianling Shenr8101: add new driver
2022-08-15 Ilya Lipnitskiytoolchain/gcc: replace revert with upstream fix
2022-08-06 Tianling Shendownload.pl: remove broken mirror
2022-08-01 Tianling Shenkernel: nvme: add missing Kconfig
2022-08-01 Sebastian Kempernls.mk: clean up INTL flags
2022-08-01 Christian Lamparterfirmware: intel-microcode: update to 20220510
2022-08-01 Joel Lowwolfssl: add config flag for Curve448
2022-08-01 Tianling Shenhostapd: fix dependency
2022-08-01 Sven Wegenertoolchain: fix dangling symlink to self in FixupLibdir
2022-08-01 Nick Hainketcpdump: update to 4.99.1
2022-08-01 Felix Fietkautools/coreutils: enable ginstall utility
2022-08-01 Leonardo Mörleinautomake: always use correct path for aclocal.real
2022-08-01 Christian Lamparterutils/spidev_test: side-step build-system woes
2022-08-01 Rui Salvaterrahostapd: enable OWE for the basic-{openssl, wolfssl...
2022-08-01 Rui Salvaterrahostapd: add {hostapd,wpad}-basic-openssl variants
2022-08-01 Boris Krasnovskiyhostapd: prevent unused crypto lib dependencies from...
2022-08-01 Boris Krasnovskiyustream-ssl: prevent unused crypto lib dependencies...
2022-08-01 Jo-Philipp... wolfssl: make shared again
2022-08-01 Michael Pratttools/libressl: disable assembly code for all hosts
2022-08-01 Michael Pratttools/libressl: ensure PIC-only object compilation
2022-08-01 John Audiawolfssl: fix math library build
2022-08-01 Daniel Gollekernel: add kmod-nvme package
2022-08-01 Hauke Mehrtenswolfssl: Do not activate HW acceleration on armvirt...
2022-08-01 Andre Heidertools/libressl: bump to v3.5.3
2022-07-10 Tianling Shenr8168: fix typo error
2022-07-08 Rui Salvaterratoolchain: bump GCC 11 to 11.3.0
2022-07-08 Eneas U de... wolfssl: re-enable AES-NI by default for x86_64
2022-07-08 Dustin Lundquistopenssl: bump to 1.1.1q
2022-07-08 Pascal Ernsterwolfssl: WOLFSSL_HAS_WPAS requires WOLFSSL_HAS_DH
2022-07-04 Andre Heideropenssl: bump to 1.1.1p
2022-07-02 leanfstools: enable any device with non-MTD rootfs_data...
2022-06-27 Eneas U de... wolfssl: disable AES-NI by default for x86_64
2022-06-27 Konstantin... dropbear: cherry-pick upstream commit 544f28a0
2022-06-27 Rosen Penevtools/meson: update to 0.61.5
2022-06-27 Nick Hainkeethtool: update to 5.18
2022-06-27 AmadeusGhostbase-files: fix broken sysupgrade
2022-06-22 Tianling Shenr8125: bump to 9.009.01-1
2022-06-21 Tianling Shenr8152: bump to 2.16.1
2022-06-21 Josef Schlehofertools/libressl: update to version 3.4.3
2022-06-19 MkQtSdefault-settings: update tencent ntp server
2022-06-17 Tianling Shenr8168: bump to 8.050.03
2022-06-15 Etan Kisslingnf-conntrack: allow querying conntrack info in nfqueue
2022-06-15 Tianling Shenlayerscape: armv8_64b: add missing Kconfig
2022-06-13 Tianling Shenkernel: bump to 4.9.317, 4.14.282, 4.19.246
2022-06-13 Eneas U de... wolfssl: make WOLFSSL_HAS_OPENVPN default to y
2022-06-13 Eneas U de... sunxi/cortexa53: enable armv8-CE crypto algorithms
2022-06-13 Eneas U de... octeontx: add armv8-CE version of CRC T10
2022-06-13 Eneas U de... mvebu/cortexa72: enable armv8-CE crypto algos
2022-06-13 Eneas U de... mvebu/cortexa53: enable armv8-CE crypto algos
2022-06-13 Eneas U de... layerscape/armv8_64b: enable armv8-CE crypto algos
2022-06-13 Eneas U de... bcm27xx/bcm2711: enable asm crypto algorithms
2022-06-13 Eneas U de... bcm27xx/bcm2710: enable asm crypto algorithms
2022-06-13 Eneas U de... wolfssl: enable CPU crypto instructions
2022-06-13 Eneas U de... wolfssl: add benchmark utility
2022-06-13 Eneas U de... wolfssl: don't change ABI because of hw crypto
2022-06-13 Rosen Penevtools/ninja: update to 1.11.0
2022-06-10 Tianling Shenexfat: Update to 5.19.1
2022-06-10 Tianling Shenmbedtls: mark as nonshared
2022-06-06 Xu Wangkernel: crypto: add kmod-crypto-chacha20poly1305
2022-06-05 Tianling Shendnsmasq: enable cache by default
2022-05-31 Tianling Shenfeeds: fix routing and telephony build
2022-05-30 Hauke Mehrtensmalta: use default OpenWrt network configuration
2022-05-30 Dominick Griftselinux-policy: update to version 1.2.3
2022-05-30 Tianling Shenqos-gargoyle: fix missing ldflags
2022-05-29 Tianling Shentools: drop ucl and upx
2022-05-29 Christian Lamparterlinux-firmware: take linux-firmware.git's qca99x0 boardfile
2022-05-29 Tianling Shenkernel: refresh sfp patch
2022-05-29 Tianling Shenfirewall: dos2unix
2022-05-27 Tianling Shenkernel: bump to 4.9.316, 4.14.281, 4.19.245
2022-05-27 Tianling Shenrtl88x2bu: fix build on kernel 4.9
2022-05-27 Tianling Shenrtl8821cu: fix build on kernel 4.9
2022-05-27 Tianling Shenrtl8812au-ac: fix build on kernel 4.9
2022-05-27 Tianling Shenrtl8192eu: fix build on kernel 4.9
2022-05-27 Tianling Shenrtl8189es: fix build on kernel 4.9
2022-05-27 Tianling Shenrtl8188eu: fix build on kernel 4.9
2022-05-26 Petr Štetiartreewide: use wpad-basic-openssl as default
2022-05-26 Tianling Shenmac80211: brcm: fix build for kernel < 4.13
2022-05-26 Tianling Shenutil-linux: update to 2.37.4
2022-05-26 Tianling ShenRevert "util-linux: update to 2.38"
2022-05-26 Tianling ShenRevert "util-linux: use meson to build"
2022-05-26 Oskari Rautautil-linux: add lsns
2022-05-26 Stijn Tintelutil-linux: package ipcs command
2022-05-26 Roman Azarenkoutil-linux: add lslocks
2022-05-26 Hauke Mehrtensutil-linux: Add taskset
2022-05-26 Tiago Gasparfirewall: config: remove restictions on DHCPv6 allow...
2022-05-26 ZiMing Mofirewall3: fix locking issue
2022-05-23 Tianling Shenfirewall4: remove
2022-05-23 Tianling Shenucode: remove
2022-05-21 Tianling Shenx86/geode: fix target file
2022-05-21 Felix Fietkauinclude/cmake.mk: add support for overriding the host...
2022-05-17 Tianling Shenconfig/Config-kernel.in: disable namespaces for small...
2022-05-17 Tianling Shenconfig/Config-kernel.in: enable namespaces by default
2022-05-17 Tianling Shenr8125: bump to 9.009.00
2022-05-17 Tianling Shenath10k-ct: fix select dependency
2022-05-17 Eneas U de... wolfssl: bump to v5.3.0-stable
2022-05-16 Eneas U de... openssl: bump to 1.1.1o
2022-05-16 Rosen Penevutil-linux: use meson to build