OSDN Git Service

2022-04-21 Tianling ShenImmortalWrt v21.02.0: adjust config defaults v21.02.0
2022-04-21 Jax Jiangx86: grub2: search for the "kernel" filesystem on all...
2022-04-17 Tianling ShenMerge Official Source
2022-04-16 Joe Mullallyath79: Move TPLink WPA8630Pv2 to ath79-tiny target
2022-04-16 Torsten Duwebcm27xx: add AMP2 to HifiBerry DAC+ / DAC+ Pro package
2022-04-16 Thibaut VARÈNEath79: add support for MikroTik RouterBOARD mAP lite
2022-04-16 Thibaut VARÈNEath79: add support for Yuncore A930
2022-04-16 Thibaut VARÈNEath79: add support for Yuncore XD3200
2022-04-15 AmadeusGhostfast-classifier: fixes header linking failure issue
2022-04-14 Tianling Shenautocore: mark as nonshared
2022-04-14 Tianling Shenath79/image: use short `VERSION_DIST`
2022-04-14 Tianling Shenconfig/Config-images.in: tweak default settings for...
2022-04-12 Tianling ShenMerge Official Source
2022-04-11 Eneas U de... wolfssl: bump to 5.2.0
2022-04-11 Hauke Mehrtensmac80211: Update to version 5.10.110-1
2022-04-11 Tony Ambardarbpftools: fix feature override for masking clang
2022-04-11 Tianling Shenmt76x8: disable build for elecom_wrc-1167fs by default
2022-04-10 Tianling Shentools: drop ucl and upx
2022-04-09 AmadeusGhostfullconenat: move to network
2022-04-09 Chukun Panrockchip: move r8152 related patches to generic
2022-04-08 Tianling ShenMerge Official Source
2022-04-08 Tianling Shenautocore: reduce grep call
2022-04-08 Michael Prattramips: fix reboot for remaining 32 MB boards
2022-04-07 Hauke Mehrtenskernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.188
2022-04-05 Petr Štetiarimagebuilder: fix broken image generation with external...
2022-03-31 Jan-Niklas... ath79: migrate Archer C5 5GHz radio device paths
2022-03-30 Matthias Schifferath79: fix label MAC address for Ubiquiti UniFi AP...
2022-03-28 Tianling Shenautocore: sync with luci
2022-03-27 Tianling Shenautocore: fix indentation
2022-03-27 Tianling ShenMerge Official Source
2022-03-27 Tianling Shenautocore: ethinfo: fix indentation
2022-03-26 Christian Lamparterapm821xx: fix crash/panic related to SATA/SSD choice
2022-03-26 Marek Behúnmvebu: SFP backports for GPON modules
2022-03-26 Josef Schlehofercypress-firmware: drop several packages
2022-03-26 Josef Schlehofercypress-firmware: update it to version 5.4.18-2021_0812
2022-03-26 David Bauerath79: fix link for long cables with OCEDO Raccoon
2022-03-26 Tianling ShenMerge Offcial Source
2022-03-26 Tianling Shenautocore: implement tempinfo display
2022-03-26 Tianling Shenautocore: 10_system: fix parse data
2022-03-26 Tianling Shenautocore: minor cleanup
2022-03-25 ZiMing Moautocore: fix build error
2022-03-25 Matthias Schifferath79: fix TPLINK_HWREV field for TL-WR1043ND v4
2022-03-25 Tianling Shenautocore: sync with luci feed
2022-03-25 Tianling Shenautocore: merge cover-index_files
2022-03-25 Tianling Shenautocore: update Makefile
2022-03-25 Tianling Shenautocore: minor cleanup
2022-03-24 Petr Štetiarzlib: backport security fix for a reproducible crash...
2022-03-24 Petr Štetiarsunxi: cortexa7: fix ethernet link detection on a20...
2022-03-24 Robert Markomvebu: udpu: include LM75 kmod by default
2022-03-24 Robert Markomvebu: udpu: fix initramfs booting
2022-03-24 Matthias Schifferath79: fix label MAC address for Ubiquiti UniFi
2022-03-23 Felix Fietkauramips: remove kmod-mt7663-firmware-sta from device...
2022-03-22 Tianling ShenMerge Official Source
2022-03-21 Marek Behúnkernel: backport DSA patches fixing null-pointer derefe...
2022-03-20 David Bauerhostapd: add STA extended capabilities to get_clients
2022-03-20 David Bauerhostapd: add op-class to get_status output
2022-03-20 David Bauerhostapd: add beacon_interval to get_status ubus output
2022-03-20 Martin Weinelthostapd: remove unused mac_buff allocation
2022-03-20 Martin Weinelthostapd: report bssid, ssid and channel over ubus
2022-03-20 David Bauerhostapd: ubus: add notification for BSS transition...
2022-03-20 David Bauerhostapd: ubus: add BSS transtiton request method
2022-03-17 Tianling Shenscripts/download.pl: drop cqu mirror
2022-03-17 Tianling ShenMerge Official Source
2022-03-17 Tianling Shenr8125: bump to 9.008.00
2022-03-16 Martin Schilleropenssl: bump to 1.1.1n
2022-03-16 skbehmt_wifi: add mtkiappd support
2022-03-15 Rafał Miłeckiuboot-bcm4908: use "xxd" from staging_dir
2022-03-15 Daniel Golletools: xxd: use more convenient source tarball
2022-03-15 Daniel Golletools: add xxd (from vim)
2022-03-15 Tianling Shenbase-files: tweak banner
2022-03-15 Tianling ShenMerge Official Source
2022-03-15 Tianling ShenREADME.md: add matrix group
2022-03-15 Tianling Shenmpc85xx/p1010: disable build for tplink_tl-wdr4900-v1
2022-03-14 Tianling Sheninclude/version: use ImmortalWrt's release repo
2022-03-14 Tianling Shenrt3883: disable build for rt-n56u by default
2022-03-14 Tianling Shenmt7620: disable build for iodata_wn-ac1167gr/ac733gr3...
2022-03-14 Tianling Shenlantiq/xrx200: disable build for tplink_tdw8970/8980
2022-03-14 Tianling Shenath79/nand: disable build for zyxel_nbg6716
2022-03-14 Rafał Miłeckibase-files: call "sync" after initial setup
2022-03-14 Rafał Miłeckibcm4908: include U-Boot in images
2022-03-14 Rafał Miłeckiuboot-bcm4908: add package with BCM4908 U-Boot
2022-03-14 Tianling Shenmpc85xx: drop unused patch
2022-03-13 Tianling Shenr8125/r8168: require PCI support
2022-03-13 Tianling Shenbase-files: update default banner
2022-03-13 Tianling ShenMerge Official Source
2022-03-10 Matthias Schifferx86: legacy: enable pata_sis driver
2022-03-09 Tianling Shenkernel/modules: add kmod-inet-diag package
2022-03-08 Tianling Shenath79: generic: disable build for small flash devices
2022-03-08 Tianling Shenath79: drop CSAC support
2022-03-08 Tianling ShenMerge Official Source
2022-03-07 Rafał Miłeckibcm4908: support "rootfs_data" on U-Boot devices
2022-03-07 Rafał Miłeckibcm4908: fix USB PHY support
2022-03-06 Josef Schlehoferu-boot.mk: add LOCALVERSION (explicitly specify OpenWrt...
2022-03-06 Josef Schlehofertools/libressl: update to version 3.4.2
2022-03-06 Rosen Penevtools/libressl: update to 3.4.1
2022-03-06 Rosen Penevtools/libressl: update to 3.3.4
2022-03-06 Rosen Penevtools/libressl: update to 3.3.3
2022-03-06 Hauke Mehrtenskernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.182
2022-03-02 Marek Behúnuboot-envtools: mvebu: update uci defaults for Turris...
2022-03-01 Tianling ShenMerge Official Source