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luci-app-unblockneteasemusic: bump to 2.13
[immortalwrt/luci.git] / applications /
2022-07-06 Tianling Shenluci-app-unblockneteasemusic: bump to 2.13
2022-07-06 Tianling ShenMerge Official Source
2022-07-05 Jo-Philipp WichMerge pull request #5852 from y04/master
2022-07-03 Hosted WeblateTranslated using Weblate (English)
2022-06-30 Florian Eckertluci-app-xfrpc: add po template
2022-06-30 Florian Eckerttreewide: sync translations
2022-06-30 Florian Eckertluci-app-mwan3: fix i18n plural warning
2022-06-30 Florian EckertMerge pull request #5851 from weblate/weblate-openwrt...
2022-06-29 He Chengluci-app-n2n_v2: upgrade to v3
2022-06-29 Hosted WeblateTranslated using Weblate (English)
2022-06-29 Florian EckertMerge pull request #5842 from liudf0716/xfrpc
2022-06-28 Dengfeng Liuluci-app-xfrpc: add luci-app-xfrpc
2022-06-24 y04luci-app-bmx7: optimized images filesizes
2022-06-24 Paul Spoorenluci-app-attendedsysugprade: allow to reinstall image
2022-06-22 Tianling ShenOpenClsh: Update to 0.45.33
2022-06-22 Tianling Shenluci-app-diskman: sync with upstream source
2022-06-22 Tianling ShenMerge Official Source
2022-06-21 Jo-Philipp WichMerge pull request #5846 from weblate/weblate-openwrt...
2022-06-21 Hosted WeblateAdded translation using Weblate (Bosnian)
2022-06-21 Florian EckertMerge pull request #5665 from brvphoenix/frpc
2022-06-21 ZiMing Moluci-app-unblockneteasemusic: fix lan client filter...
2022-06-19 Van Waholtzluci-app-frpc: add settings for log
2022-06-19 Van Waholtzluci-app-frpc: use anonymous sections
2022-06-19 Hosted WeblateTranslated using Weblate (Chinese (Simplified))
2022-06-17 Tianling Shenluci-app-ssr-plus: sync with upstream source
2022-06-16 Tianling Shenluci-app-ssr-plus: fix generate v2ray ss config
2022-06-15 ZiMing Moluci-app-unblockneteasemusic: compatible with ipset
2022-06-15 ZiMing Moluci-app-unblockneteasemusic: fix nftset based on firewall4
2022-06-14 Tianling Shenluci-app-ssr-plus: sync with upstream
2022-06-12 Hannu Nymanluci-app-mosquitto: trigger weblate translation
2022-06-12 Hannu Nymantreewide: sync translations
2022-06-12 Hosted WeblateTranslated using Weblate (German)
2022-06-12 Tianling Shenluci-app-vssr: bump to 1.25
2022-06-12 Tianling Shenluci-app-passwall: sync with upstream
2022-06-10 Tianling Shenluci-app-ssr-plus: sync fixes
2022-06-09 Tianling Shenluci-app-v2ray-server: switch to sagernet core
2022-06-08 Tianling Shenluci-app-ssr-plus: fix generate v2ray sing config
2022-06-08 Tianling Shenluci-app-ssr-plus: fix v2ray gPRC multi support
2022-06-08 Tianling Shenluci-app-ssr-plus: add v2ray ws earlydata support
2022-06-08 Tianling Shenluci-app-ssr-plus: add hysteria support
2022-06-07 Tianling Shenluci-app-ssr-plus: remove pdnsd support
2022-06-07 Hosted WeblateTranslated using Weblate (Chinese (Simplified))
2022-06-07 Tianling ShenOpenClash: Update to 0.45.30
2022-06-06 Tianling Shenluci-app-ssr-plus: fix generate SUoT config
2022-06-06 Tianling Shenluci-app-ssr-plus: bump to 186-1
2022-06-06 Tianling Shenluci-app-ssr-plus: use dns2tcp by default
2022-06-03 Hosted WeblateTranslated using Weblate (Portuguese (Brazil))
2022-06-03 Tianling Shenluci-app-ssr-plus: sync with upstream source
2022-06-03 Tianling ShenMerge Official Source
2022-06-03 Jo-Philipp Wichluci-app-opkg: fix parsing package dependencies with...
2022-05-31 Jo-Philipp WichMerge pull request #5818 from jow-/ucode-mod-lua
2022-05-31 Jo-Philipp WichMerge pull request #5816 from jow-/wireguard-rewrite
2022-05-28 ZiMing Moluci-app-unblockneteasemusic: add support for 'nftset'
2022-05-27 Dirk Brenken luci-app-banip: mark as broken
2022-05-24 Hosted WeblateTranslated using Weblate (Polish)
2022-05-24 Tianling Shenluci-app-turboacc: fix hw_flow settings
2022-05-24 ZiMing Moluci-app-turboacc: fix typo
2022-05-24 ZiMing Moluci-app-turboacc: disable hw_flow if not mt762x
2022-05-23 Tianling Shenluci-app-autoreboot: fix dependency
2022-05-21 Tianling Shenluci-app-passwall: bump to 4.54-3
2022-05-18 Beginner-Goluci-app-mentohust: code alignment
2022-05-18 Beginner-Goluci-app-k3usb: code alignment
2022-05-18 Beginner-Goluci-app-mwol: code alignment
2022-05-18 Beginner-Goluci-app-music-remote-center: code alignment
2022-05-18 Beginner-Goluci-app-iptvhelper: code alignment
2022-05-18 Beginner-Goluci-app-minieap: code alignment
2022-05-16 Jo-Philipp WichMerge pull request #5811 from PtilopsisLeucotis/luci...
2022-05-15 Hannu Nymantreewide: Sync translations - i18n
2022-05-15 Hosted WeblateTranslated using Weblate (Greek)
2022-05-15 Beginner-Goluci-app-ipsec-vpnd: tidy up code
2022-05-15 Beginner-Goluci-app-filetransfer: tidy up code
2022-05-14 Ptilopsis Leucotisluci-app-mosquitto: add option 'allow anonymous'
2022-05-12 Tianling Sheneluci-app-turboacc: drop shortcut-fe support
2022-05-11 ZiMing MoMerge Official Source
2022-05-11 Tianling ShenOpenClash: bump to 0.45.16
2022-05-10 Hosted WeblateTranslated using Weblate (Polish)
2022-05-08 Beginner-Goluci-app-gowebdav: code alignment
2022-05-08 Beginner-Goluci-app-filebrowser: code alignment
2022-05-08 Beginner-Goluci-app-familycloud: drop application
2022-05-06 Florian EckertMerge pull request #5801 from odmdas/sysntpd-iface
2022-05-06 Jo-Philipp WichMerge pull request #5798 from McGiverGim/add_gap_badge
2022-05-06 Tianling Shenluci-app-cpufreq: uci-defaults: raise the priority
2022-05-06 Beginner-Goluci-app-eqos: code alignment
2022-05-05 Beginner-Goluci-app-docker: code alignment
2022-05-05 Beginner-Goluci-app-dnsforwarder: code alignment
2022-05-05 Hosted WeblateTranslated using Weblate (Spanish)
2022-05-05 Beginner-Goluci-app-cpufreq: code alignment
2022-05-05 Beginner-Goluci-app-cpulimit: code alignment
2022-05-05 Beginner-Goluci-app-cifs: code alignment
2022-05-05 Beginner-Goluci-app-cifs-mount: code alignment
2022-05-05 Beginner-Goluci-app-cd8021x: code alignment
2022-05-05 Beginner-Goluci-app-beardropper: code alignment
2022-05-05 Beginner-Goluci-app-brook-server: code alignment
2022-05-05 Beginner-Goluci-app-autoipsetadder: drop application
2022-05-05 Beginner-Goluci-app-baidupcs-web: code alignment
2022-05-05 Beginner-Goluci-app-arpbind: code alignment
2022-05-05 Beginner-Goluci-app-aliddns: code alignment
2022-05-05 Beginner-Goluci-app-airwhu: tidy up code
2022-05-05 Beginner-Goluci-app-advancedsetting: code alignment
2022-05-05 zxlhhyccc luci-app-syncdial: Fixed problem that the quantity...