OSDN Git Service

2022-04-10 zxlhhycccluci-app-v2ray-server: fix compatibility for v2ray...
2022-04-09 Chikage0o0luci-app-ssr-plus: fix subscribe bugs about grpc and sni
2022-04-07 Tianling Shenluci-app-passwall: bump to 4.52-3
2022-04-02 Tianling ShenMerge Official Source
2022-04-02 Tianling Shenluci-app-mtwifi: drop package
2022-04-01 Tianling ShenOpenClash: Update to 0.44.41-beta
2022-03-30 Hosted WeblateTranslated using Weblate (Indonesian)
2022-03-30 Jo-Philipp... luci-app-firewall: fix misspelling of restrictions
2022-03-30 Jo-Philipp... luci-base: ucitrack: fix broken affects logic
2022-03-29 Hosted WeblateTranslated using Weblate (Finnish)
2022-03-28 Max S Kashluci-mod-status,mod-network: Added fqdn-name to DHCPv4...
2022-03-28 Tianling ShenMerge Official Source
2022-03-28 Tianling Shenluci-mod-status: fix onlineusers count
2022-03-26 Tianling Shenluci-app-ssr-plus: drop vmess node with alterId > 0
2022-03-26 Hannu Nymantreewide: sync translations
2022-03-26 Hosted WeblateTranslated using Weblate (Finnish)
2022-03-25 ZiMing Moluci-mod-status: fix align of "Online Users"
2022-03-25 Tianling Shenluci-mod-status: fix style of "Online Users"
2022-03-25 Jo-Philipp... luci-theme-bootstrap: fix incorrect wrap arounds in...
2022-03-24 Jo-Philipp... Merge pull request #5438 from TDT-AG/pr/20211012-luci...
2022-03-24 Hannu Nymantimezone data: update to 2022a
2022-03-24 Hosted WeblateTranslated using Weblate (Polish)
2022-03-22 Paul Spoorenluci-app-attendedsysupgrade: request filesystem
2022-03-20 Hosted WeblateTranslated using Weblate (Danish)
2022-03-19 Tianling ShenOpenClash: Update to 0.44.34-beta
2022-03-18 antergoneluci-app-ssr-plus: fix escape character matching exception
2022-03-17 ZiMing Moluci-app-unblockneteasemusic: remove ipv6 & rewrite...
2022-03-17 ZiMing Moluci-app-unblockneteasemusic: clean scripts & refresh...
2022-03-17 ZiMing Moluci-app-unblockneteasemusic: fix ruleset when 'hijack_...
2022-03-17 ZiMing Moluci-app-unblockneteasemusic: do not use port range
2022-03-17 ZiMing Moluci-app-unblockneteasemusic: rewrite func to add pub_a...
2022-03-16 Hosted WeblateTranslated using Weblate (Portuguese)
2022-03-16 ZiMing Moluci-app-unblockneteasemusic: fix add firewall rules...
2022-03-15 Tianling Shenluci-app-uugamebooster: fix translation
2022-03-15 Chikage0o0luci-app-uugamebooster: Reduce static file size
2022-03-15 Tianling ShenMerge Official Source
2022-03-13 Hosted WeblateTranslated using Weblate (Finnish)
2022-03-13 Tianling Shenluci-app-cpufreq: ipq807x: switch to use schedutil
2022-03-13 Tianling Shenluci-app-adguardhome: drop buggy LuCI
2022-03-13 Tianling Shenluci-app-unblockneteasemusic: cleanup scripts
2022-03-13 Tianling Shenluci-app-unblockneteasemusic: depends on ucode
2022-03-13 ZiMing Moluci-app-unblockneteasemusic: initial fw4 support
2022-03-11 ZiMing Moluci-app-turboacc: fix file end line
2022-03-10 ZiMing Moluci-app-turboacc: fix fullconenat doesn't work after...
2022-03-10 Jo-Philipp... luci-app-ddns: assume IPv6 support if nftables is present
2022-03-10 Jo-Philipp... luci-app-adblock: s/1-7/0-6/g
2022-03-10 Jo-Philipp... luci-compat: fix evaluating `or()` and `and()` datatype...
2022-03-10 Jo-Philipp... luci-app-minidlna: drop log directory option
2022-03-10 ZiMing Moluci-app-turboacc: update fullconenat func concert...
2022-03-09 Hosted WeblateTranslated using Weblate (German)
2022-03-09 Paul Spoorenluci-app-attendedsysupgrade: fix missing efi path
2022-03-09 Tianling Shenluci-app-ssr-plus: add concurrency option for NaiveProxy
2022-03-09 Tianling Shenluci-app-ssr-plus: fix v2ray shunt issue
2022-03-08 Tianling Shenluci-app-ssr-plus: update url of NEO DEV HOST
2022-03-08 leanluci-app-ssr-plus: add DNS-CDN list workround for Bilib...
2022-03-08 Tianling Shenluci-app-turboacc: adapt firewall4
2022-03-07 Dirk Brenkenluci-app-adblock: sync with 4.1.3-6
2022-03-07 Tianling Shenluci-app-cpufreq: increase priority
2022-03-07 Yousong Zhouluci-app-shadowsocks-libev: add fields nft_{tcp,udp...
2022-03-06 Hosted WeblateTranslated using Weblate (Danish)
2022-03-06 Tianling Shenluci-app-passwall: drop useless patch bak file
2022-03-06 Tianling Shenluci-app-passwall: bump to 4.51-2
2022-03-04 Hannu Nymantreewide: Sync translations - i18n
2022-03-03 Hosted WeblateTranslated using Weblate (Turkish)
2022-03-02 Paul Spoorenluci-app-attendedsysupgrade: LuCIfy codebase
2022-03-01 Tianling ShenMerge Official Source
2022-03-01 Yousong Zhouluci-app-shadowsocks-libev: remove refs to now deprecat...
2022-02-28 Tianling ShenOpenClash: Update to 0.44.28
2022-02-28 Tianling Shenluci-app-passwall: bump to 4.50-3
2022-02-27 Jo-Philipp... luci-base: ui: fix null access in ui.Table.update()
2022-02-25 Jo-Philipp... Merge pull request #5696 from jow-/sortable-status...
2022-02-24 Jo-Philipp... luci-base: form.js: add column sorting to TableSections...
2022-02-24 Jo-Philipp... luci-theme-bootstrap: add table column sort indicators
2022-02-24 Jo-Philipp... luci-base: introduce new LuCI.ui.Table class
2022-02-24 Tianling Shenluci-app-passwall: bump to 4.50-2
2022-02-24 Tianling Shenluci-app-serverchan: sync with upstream source
2022-02-24 Tianling ShenMerge Offcial Source
2022-02-24 Jo-Philipp... Merge pull request #5667 from kidonng/patch-1
2022-02-24 Jo-Philipp... Merge pull request #5697 from weblate/weblate-openwrt...
2022-02-24 Hosted WeblateTranslated using Weblate (German)
2022-02-22 Hosted WeblateTranslated using Weblate (Danish)
2022-02-21 Jo-Philipp... luci-theme-bootstrap: fix display glitch with combo...
2022-02-21 Jo-Philipp... luci-base: properly handle promise targets in Request...
2022-02-21 Jo-Philipp... lucihttp: update to latest Git HEAD
2022-02-20 Tianling Shenluci-app-onliner: remove outdated package
2022-02-20 Tianling Shenluci-app-wrtbwmon: remove incompatible package
2022-02-20 Tianling Shenluci-app-amule: allow access external amule binaries
2022-02-20 Tianling Shenluci-app-amule: fix incorrect jail rules
2022-02-18 Jo-Philipp... Merge pull request #4515 from TDT-AG/pr/20201014-diag...
2022-02-18 Jo-Philipp... Merge pull request #5654 from clayface/rule-uidrange
2022-02-18 Hosted WeblateTranslated using Weblate (Ukrainian)
2022-02-18 Tianling ShenOpenClash: Update to 0.44.25
2022-02-18 Tianling Shenluci-app-passwall: sync with upstream source
2022-02-15 Jo-Philipp... luci-app-firewall: fix setting unspecified zone on...
2022-02-13 Hosted WeblateTranslated using Weblate (Ukrainian)
2022-02-12 Kid Dongluci-app-opkg: listen to filter `input` event
2022-02-11 Hosted WeblateTranslated using Weblate (Romanian)
2022-02-10 Jo-Philipp... luci-mod-status: nftables.js: align flow expr workaroun...
2022-02-10 Jo-Philipp... luci-mod-status: correct nft meta.mark description
2022-02-10 Tianling ShenMerge Official Source