OSDN Git Service

3 days ago Tianling ShenOpenClsh: Update to 0.45.33 openwrt-18.06
3 days ago Tianling Shenluci-app-diskman: sync with upstream source
4 days ago Tianling Shenluci-app-frpc: use procd for daemon
8 days ago Tianling Shenluci-app-ssr-plus: sync with upstream source
9 days ago Tianling Shenluci-app-ssr-plus: fix generate v2ray ss config
9 days ago Tianling Shenluci-app-ssr-plus: sync with upstream
13 days ago Tianling Shenluci-app-vssr: bump to 1.25
13 days ago Tianling Shenluci-app-passwall: sync with upstream
2022-06-10 Tianling Shenluci-app-ssr-plus: sync fixes
2022-06-09 Tianling Shenluci-app-v2ray-server: switch to sagernet core
2022-06-08 Tianling Shenluci-app-ssr-plus: fix generate v2ray sing config
2022-06-08 Tianling Shenluci-app-ssr-plus: fix v2ray gPRC multi support
2022-06-08 Tianling Shenluci-app-ssr-plus: add v2ray ws earlydata support
2022-06-08 Tianling Shenluci-app-ssr-plus: add hysteria support
2022-06-07 Tianling Shenluci-app-ssr-plus: remove pdnsd support
2022-06-07 Tianling ShenOpenClash: Update to 0.45.30
2022-06-06 Tianling Shenluci-app-ssr-plus: fix generate SUoT config
2022-06-06 Tianling Shenluci-app-ssr-plus: bump to 186-1
2022-06-06 Tianling Shenluci-app-ssr-plus: use dns2tcp by default
2022-06-03 Tianling Shenluci-app-ssr-plus: sync with upstream source
2022-05-23 Tianling Shenluci-app-turboacc: cleanup cbi code
2022-05-23 Tianling Shenluci-app-autoreboot: fix dependency
2022-05-21 Tianling Shenluci-theme-infinityfreedom: bump to latest git HEAD
2022-05-21 Tianling Shenluci-app-passwall: bump to 4.54-3
2022-05-18 AmadeusGhostluci-theme-rosy: fixes login page button display issue
2022-05-18 AmadeusGhostapplications: add missing luci-lib-ipkg depends
2022-05-18 rwalliAdd description
2022-05-18 Kevin Darbyshire... wireguard: update wireguard url
2022-05-12 zxlhhycccluci-app-syncthing: compat with official service
2022-05-11 Tianling ShenOpenClash: bump to 0.45.16
2022-05-08 Beginner-Goluci-app-familycloud: drop application
2022-05-08 Tianling Shenluci-app-adbyby-plus: fix merge conflict
2022-05-06 Tianling Shenluci-app-cpufreq: uci-defaults: raise the priority
2022-05-06 Beginner-Goluci-app-eqos: code alignment
2022-05-06 Beginner-Goluci-app-docker: code alignment
2022-05-06 Beginner-Goluci-app-dnsforwarder: code alignment
2022-05-05 Beginner-Goluci-app-cpufreq: code alignment
2022-05-05 Beginner-Goluci-app-cifs: code alignment
2022-05-05 Beginner-Goluci-app-cifs-mount: code alignment
2022-05-05 Beginner-Goluci-app-cd8021x: code alignment
2022-05-05 Beginner-Goluci-app-beardropper: code alignment
2022-05-05 Beginner-Goluci-app-brook-server: code alignment
2022-05-05 Beginner-Goluci-app-baidupcs-web: code alignment
2022-05-05 Beginner-Goluci-app-autoipsetadder: drop application
2022-05-05 Beginner-Goluci-app-arpbind: code alignment
2022-05-05 Beginner-Goluci-app-aliddns: code alignment
2022-05-05 Beginner-Goluci-app-airwhu: tidy up code
2022-05-05 Beginner-Goluci-app-advancedsetting: code alignment
2022-05-05 Beginner-Goluci-app-syncdial: code alignment
2022-05-05 Beginner-Goluci-app-airplay2: code alignment
2022-05-05 Beginner-Goluci-app-adbyby-plus: code alignment
2022-05-05 Beginner-Goluci-app-autoreboot: code alignment
2022-05-02 Tianling ShenOpenClash: Update to v0.45.12-beta
2022-05-02 Tianling Shenluci-app-passwall: bump to 4.54
2022-04-25 xiaoroujiluci-app-passwall: compatible with mwan3
2022-04-25 Tianling Shenluci-theme-argonv3: sync with upstream source
2022-04-25 Beginner-Goluci-app-accesscontrol: code alignment
2022-04-25 Tianling Shenluci-app-unblockneteasemusic: bump to 2.12-3
2022-04-23 Tianling Shenluci-app-passwall: bump to 4.53-8
2022-04-23 Tianling Shenluci-app-serverchan: sync with upstream
2022-04-23 Tianling Shenluci-theme-argonv3: Update to 1.7.3
2022-04-21 Tianling ShenOpenClash: Update to 0.45.06
2022-04-15 Tianling Shenluci-app-ssr-plus: fix compatibility for v2ray-core v5
2022-04-10 zxlhhycccluci-app-v2ray-server: fix compatibility for v2ray...
2022-04-09 Chikage0o0luci-app-ssr-plus: fix subscribe bugs about grpc and sni
2022-04-08 AmadeusGhostluci-app-turboacc: improve check for qca offload engine
2022-04-07 Tianling Shenluci-app-passwall: bump to 4.52-3
2022-04-03 coolsnowwolfluci-app-ipsec-vpnd: rules security optimization
2022-04-01 Tianling ShenOpenClash: Update to 0.44.41-beta
2022-04-01 Tianling Shenluci-app-guest-wifi: fix load config
2022-04-01 AmadeusGhostluci-app-guest-wifi: fixes package install warning
2022-04-01 AmadeusGhostmodules/luci-base: fixes typo
2022-04-01 Ansuel Smithluci-admin-full: add wifi option
2022-04-01 AmadeusGhostluci-mod-network: rewrite wifi page and sync translation
2022-04-01 AmadeusGhostluci-mod-network: backport WPA3-EAP and mixed WPA2...
2022-03-28 Hannu Nymantimezone data: update to 2022a
2022-03-26 Tianling Shenluci-app-ssr-plus: drop vmess node with alterId > 0
2022-03-20 Lienolluci-base: cbi: ListValue add readonly attr
2022-03-19 Tianling ShenOpenClash: Update to 0.44.34-beta
2022-03-18 antergoneluci-app-ssr-plus: fix escape character matching exception
2022-03-18 Hannu Nymanluci-app-e2guardian: remove as the main package was...
2022-03-15 Chikage0o0luci-app-uugamebooster: Reduce static file size
2022-03-13 Tianling Shenluci-app-cpufreq: drop ipq60xx/807x sets
2022-03-13 Tianling Shenluci-app-adguardhome: drop buggy LuCI
2022-03-13 Tianling Shenluci-app-unblockneteasemusic: cleanup scripts
2022-03-09 Tianling Shenluci-app-ssr-plus: add concurrency option for NaiveProxy
2022-03-09 Tianling Shenluci-app-ssr-plus: fix v2ray shunt issue
2022-03-08 Tianling Shenluci-app-ssr-plus: update url of NEO DEV HOST
2022-03-08 leanluci-app-ssr-plus: add DNS-CDN list workround for Bilib...
2022-03-07 Tianling Shenluci-app-cpufreq: increase priority
2022-03-06 Tianling Shenluci-app-passwall: drop useless patch bak file
2022-03-06 Tianling Shenluci-app-passwall: bump to 4.51-2
2022-02-28 Tianling ShenOpenClash: Update to 0.44.28
2022-02-28 Tianling Shenluci-app-passwall: bump to 4.50-3
2022-02-24 Tianling Shenluci-app-passwall: bump to 4.50-2
2022-02-24 Tianling Shenluci-app-serverchan: sync with upstream source
2022-02-20 Tianling Shenluci-app-amule: allow access external amule binaries
2022-02-20 Tianling Shenluci-app-amule: fix incorrect jail rules
2022-02-18 Tianling ShenOpenClash: Update to 0.44.25
2022-02-18 Tianling Shenluci-app-passwall: sync with upstream source