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descriptionInterpreter and library.
last changeFri, 24 Dec 2021 03:12:54 +0000 (19:12 -0800)
2021-12-24 Simon FormanUncomment ifte built-in. master
2021-12-24 Simon FormanFunctional-style remove function.
2021-12-24 Simon FormanPy 3 handles exception propagation a little differently?
2021-12-24 Simon FormanSome work on docs.
2021-12-01 Simon FormanSwitch to Joy kernel.
2021-11-28 Simon FormanClean up Zipper notebook.
2021-11-28 Simon FormanI think the real solution is to "not do that" as it...
2021-11-28 Simon FormanWorking on bug #15
2021-11-28 Simon FormanI narrowed down the bug.
2021-11-28 Simon FormanTightening up the debug script.
2021-11-28 Simon FormanUpdate Square_Spiral notebook to use Joy kernel
2021-11-28 Simon FormanA Python version of the `ii` combinator.
2021-11-27 Simon FormanDo not let defs shadow built-ins.
2021-11-27 Simon FormanBleah.
2021-11-27 Simon FormanRecover the square spiral example code.
2021-11-26 Simon FormanUpdate links on home front page.
3 weeks ago master