OSDN Git Service

descriptionThe MinGW.org Installation Manager Tool
last changeWed, 24 Jun 2020 21:29:21 +0000 (22:29 +0100)
2020-06-24 Keith MarshallStreamline the installation procedure. master
2020-06-23 Keith MarshallDelete an unnecessary duplicate function call.
2020-06-23 Keith MarshallEliminate invalid comparisons of "this" with nullptr.
2020-06-22 Keith MarshallDo not dereference nullptr in package directory trees.
2020-06-22 Keith MarshallIgnore spin wait requests with no designated referrer.
2020-06-22 Keith MarshallSupport options interpretation from an unborn options...
2020-06-21 Keith MarshallDeclare functions as void when return value is immaterial.
2020-06-21 Keith MarshallEnsure non-void functions always return explicit values.
2020-06-20 Keith MarshallSimplify numeric argument interpreter function.
2020-06-19 Keith MarshallAccommodate C++11 string constant conflation limitations.
2020-06-19 Keith MarshallForce "C" linkage for setup key definitions.
2020-06-19 Keith MarshallSupport all-static linking with recent GCC versions.
2020-06-12 Keith MarshallUse XML templates to adapt to download host changes.
2020-06-11 Keith MarshallDiscontinue formal use of the build-aux submodule.
2020-06-02 Keith MarshallDo not use .hgtags for repository tag tracking.
2017-09-05 Keith MarshallAdded tag r0-6-3-beta-20170905-1 for changeset fdb1ff0cc1c9
4 years ago r0-6-3-beta-20170905-1
8 years ago r0-6-2-beta-20131004-1
8 years ago r0-6-1-beta-20130910-1
8 years ago r0-6-0-beta-20130904-1
2 years ago master
9 years ago r0-5-1
9 years ago gui-dev