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descriptionThe MinGW.org Installation Manager Tool
last changeTue, 5 Sep 2017 15:05:30 +0000 (16:05 +0100)
2017-09-05 Keith MarshallAdded tag r0-6-3-beta-20170905-1 for changeset fdb1ff0cc1c9 master
2017-09-05 Keith Marshallmingw-get-0.6.3-mingw32-pre-20170905-1 posted on OSDN.net r0-6-3-beta-20170905-1
2017-09-04 Keith MarshallImprove probability of establishing successful URL...
2017-09-01 Keith MarshallIncrement version for first OSDN hosted release.
2013-11-26 Keith MarshallConflate name and class columns in GUI package list.
2013-10-18 Keith MarshallDon't attempt to resolve dependencies for unidentified...
2013-10-18 Keith MarshallImplement foundation for future NLS enabled diagnostics.
2013-10-15 Keith MarshallAdd automated build time configuration management.
2013-10-04 Keith MarshallAdded tag r0-6-2-beta-20131004-1 for changeset e70f37efc80b
2013-10-04 Keith Marshallmingw-get-0.6.2-mingw32-beta-20131004-1 released. r0-6-2-beta-20131004-1
2013-10-03 Keith MarshallPropagate RELEASE_CLASS setting from mingw-get-setup.
2013-10-02 Keith MarshallSupport group affiliation with component package granul...
2013-10-01 Keith MarshallCorrect processing of package group associations.
2013-09-21 Keith MarshallReorder controls within "Apply Changes" dialogue.
2013-09-21 Keith MarshallReimplement wsh.lua in C/C++; (cf. MinGW-Bug #2057).
2013-09-20 Keith MarshallEstablish default preferences for GUI; (cf. MinGW-Featu...
2 years ago r0-6-3-beta-20170905-1
6 years ago r0-6-2-beta-20131004-1
6 years ago r0-6-1-beta-20130910-1
6 years ago r0-6-0-beta-20130904-1
2 years ago master
7 years ago r0-5-1
7 years ago gui-dev