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descriptionThe MinGW.org Windows System Libraries
last changeThu, 28 May 2020 16:59:09 +0000 (17:59 +0100)
22 hours ago Keith MarshallPrepare and publish MinGW.org WSL-5.3.2 release. 5.3-trunk wsl-5.3.2-release
18 hours ago Keith MarshallPrepare empty dist directory when required.
22 hours ago Keith MarshallAvoid recursive optional DLL import library linking.
41 hours ago Keith MarshallFix libmingwex-n.dll dependencies; cf. Issue #40438.
3 days ago Keith MarshallAdjust repository version following WSL-5.3.1 release.
2020-04-30 Keith MarshallPrepare and publish MinGW.org WSL-5.3.1 release. wsl-5.3.1-release
2020-04-19 Keith MarshallImplement POSIX.1-2001 posix_memalign() function.
2020-04-18 Keith MarshallImplement ISO-C11/C++17 aligned_alloc() function.
2020-04-11 Keith MarshallManpage stylistic consistency updates.
2020-04-08 Keith MarshallEnsure PDF manpages are generated from local sources.
2020-04-08 Keith MarshallAutomatically enumerate manpages for publication.
2020-04-07 Keith MarshallDocument MinGW MBCS/wide character conversion functions.
2020-04-02 Keith MarshallHandle wcsrtombs() initial surrogate completion.
2020-04-02 Keith MarshallCorrect wchar_t to MBCS unpaired surrogate handling.
2020-03-28 Keith MarshallMake <winsvc.h> header effectively self-contained.
2020-03-19 Keith MarshallCorrect a potential mbsrtowcs() surrogate pair overrun.
22 hours ago wsl-5.3.2-release
4 weeks ago wsl-5.3.1-release
2 months ago wsl-5.3-release
4 months ago wsl-5.2.3-release
10 months ago wsl-5.2.2-release
16 months ago wsl-5.2.1-release
17 months ago wsl-5.2-release
20 months ago wsl-5.1.1-release
2 years ago wsl-5.1-release
2 years ago wsl-5.0.2-release
2 years ago wsl-5.0.1-release
3 years ago wsl-5.0-release
3 years ago mingwrt-3.22.4-release
3 years ago mingwrt-3.22.3-release
3 years ago w32api-3.18.2-release
3 years ago mingwrt-3.22.2-release
22 hours ago 5.3-trunk
4 months ago 5.2-trunk
13 months ago 6.0-exp
20 months ago 5.1-trunk
2 years ago 5.0-active
3 years ago legacy
6 years ago 4.0-dev
6 years ago 4.1-dev