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descriptionWindows DLL exported symbols listing utility
last changeTue, 8 Sep 2015 12:45:52 +0000 (13:45 +0100)
2015-09-08 Keith MarshallAdded tag v0_47 for changeset be3d231ad8ea master
2015-09-08 Keith MarshallPrepare, tag, and publish 0.47 release. v0_47
2015-09-07 Keith MarshallAvoid uint32_t difference overflow in 64-bit pointer...
2015-09-07 Keith MarshallEliminate Microsoft inspired obfuscated typedef insanity.
2013-05-30 Keith MarshallPrepare, tag, and publish 0.46 release.
2013-05-30 Keith MarshallPrepare, tag, and publish 0.46 release. v0_46
2013-05-30 Keith MarshallAssemble licence and documentation tarballs for distrib...
2009-09-15 Keith MarshallUnpublished release.
2013-05-29 Keith MarshallForce a remake, on package version updates.
2013-05-29 Keith MarshallUpdate program identification, via configuration process.
2013-05-29 Keith MarshallAutoconfiscate.
2013-05-29 Keith MarshallIntegrate build-aux utilities as a submodule.
2013-05-28 Keith MarshallDesignate files which mercurial should not track.
2013-05-28 Keith MarshallCorrect some obfuscated typedef portability issues.
2011-09-14 Keith MarshallAvoid segmentation faults in forwarder function checks.
2009-09-15 Charles WilsonSlight build improvements v0_45
6 years ago v0_47
9 years ago v0_46
12 years ago v0_45
12 years ago v0_44
12 years ago v0_43
12 years ago start
12 years ago mingw_utils_v0_3
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