MinGW.org Mailing-Lists
Mailing-Lists and Mail Archives Operated by MinGW.org

MinGW.org’s preferred method for communication, between users and the project team, is by way of mailing‑lists. Historically, there were several topic‑specific lists, originally hosted on SourceForge.net; today, only two remain operational, and both are hosted on OSDN.net.

Operational Mailing‑Lists

The currently operational MinGW.org mailing‑lists are:—

MinGW‑Users Mailing‑List
This is the primary conduit for dialogue between MinGW users and the MinGW.org project team; (you are advised to use this mailing‑list at any time when you wish to engage in such dialogue). It is a public mailing‑list, but to avoid spam, you must subscribe before you will be permitted to post your first message, (and your subscription must remain active, if you wish to post subsequent messages).
Before posting to this mailing‑list you are advised to acquaint yourself with the posting etiquette; failure to comply with this etiquette may seriously impair your chances of receiving a useful response, and, in cases of flagrant disregard, may even result in your future posts being moderated.
Previous correspondence, posted to this mailing‑list between February 2018 and the present day, has been archived on OSDN.net; (earlier correspondence, prior to February 2018, has also been archived, on SourceForge.net). As noted in the etiquette, before you introduce a new topic on this mailing‑list, you are advised to search these archives, to ensure that you are not asking a question which has already been answered. You may use the following pair of search boxes to perform keyword searches within the OSDN.net (upper), and the SourceForge.net (lower box) archives, respectively. (If your question relates to MSYS, you may also wish to refer to the historical MinGW‑MSYS archive, below).
MinGW‑Notify Mailing‑List
This is a read‑only mailing‑list, which is used to deliver notifications of source code repository updates, issue tracker submissions, and feature request submissions. If you would like to receive such notifications, you are welcome to subscribe to this mailing‑list, but please do not attempt to post messages to it.
Notifications posted to this mailing‑list, since November 2017, have been archived on OSDN.net, while notifications posted prior to September 2017 have been archived, on SourceForge.net. Once again, you may use the following pair of search boxes to perform keyword searches on these archives, respectively.

Historical Mailing‑List Archives

In earlier days of the project history, the volume of mailing‑list traffic was significantly greater than it is today. This traffic was distributed over five topic‑specific mailing‑lists, of which only the two identified above remain operational today; the other three historical lists, which are identified below, are now closed, and it is no longer possible to subscribe, or to post messages to them. However, archives of historical postings remain available on SourceForge.net, and may be searched using their respective keyword‑search boxes, below.

MinGW‑MSYS Mailing‑List
This was a public mailing‑list, dedicated to correspondence relating specifically to MSYS, in order to segregate it from more general MinGW‑Users list traffic; today, such correspondence should be directed to the MinGW‑Users mailing‑list.
You may use this search box to perform a keyword search on the historical MinGW-MSYS archive.
MinGW‑Dvlpr Mailing‑List
This was a private, but publicly archived mailing‑list, which was used by MinGW.org Project contributors, to discuss various aspects of project development; this mailing‑list has now been superseded by alternative web technologies, for such discussion.
You may use this search box to perform a keyword search on the historical MinGW-Dvlpr public archive.
MinGW‑CVS Mailing‑List
This obsolete read‑only mailing‑list was formerly used for posting of notifications of updates to the MinGW.org CVS, (and more recently git), source code repositories; since migration of these repositories to OSDN.net, such notifications have been directed to the MinGW‑Notify mailing‑list.
You may use this search box to perform a keyword search on the historical MinGW-CVS archive.

Mailing‑List Posting Etiquette

MinGW is an open source project. As such, it is heavily dependent on people who dedicate their spare time to the goals and continuing development of the project, so please keep this in mind when posting to the mailing‑list.

Before you post, you are advised to acquaint yourself with the following commonly accepted guidelines, with which you are strongly encouraged to comply, when composing your posts. Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in your posts being ignored by a number of knowledgeable people, and repeated offenses may even lead to your posts being vetted, and potentially rejected, by the list moderator.

Historical information on netiquette may be found in RFC-1855.

This article, (also available here), offers valuable advice on how to ask questions, in a manner most likely to elicit useful replies.