OSDN Git Service

2021-12-15 Keith MarshallPublish MinGW installation and maintenance guidelines.
2021-11-22 Keith MarshallCorrect bad reference link from preceding commit.
2021-11-22 Keith MarshallPublish note on DLL version management.
2021-11-19 Keith MarshallPublish bug reporting guidelines.
2021-11-19 Keith MarshallSpecify some additional site style properties.
2021-11-16 Keith MarshallCorrect a typographical error.
2021-09-13 Keith MarshallAdd documentation catalogue and FAQ pages.
2021-09-12 Keith MarshallRedirect OSDN mail archive searches from DuckDuckGo...
2021-09-11 Keith MarshallExecute embedded scripts on overlay-page load.
2021-09-10 Keith MarshallRename project domain to reflect relocation to MinGW...
2020-11-06 Keith MarshallCorrectly handle internal page section references.
2020-11-05 Keith MarshallAdd contact and mailing-list information pages.
2020-11-03 Keith MarshallUse typographic quotation marks on licence pages.
2020-11-03 Keith MarshallImprove http status 404 notifications.
2020-11-02 Keith MarshallAdapt index.html to serve arbitrarily specified content.
2020-10-27 Keith MarshallMove charset assignment to valid file offset.
2020-10-25 Keith MarshallAdd a site-specific favicon file.
2020-10-09 Keith MarshallAdd generic page overlay to report missing content.
2020-10-07 Keith MarshallAdd "licensing terms" overlay pages.
2020-10-06 Keith MarshallInitial commit.