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descriptionA light-weight C++ object model framework Windows API Tool Kit
last changeTue, 24 Mar 2015 00:21:25 +0000 (00:21 +0000)
2015-03-24 Keith MarshallAdd a missing return statement. master
2015-03-23 Keith MarshallConsistently use local headers for package build.
2013-08-20 Keith MarshallAdded tag r0.1.2 for changeset 3f74831952e2
2013-08-20 Keith Marshallwtklite version 0.1.2 released. r0.1.2
2013-08-20 Keith MarshallInclude README file in source distribution.
2013-08-19 Keith MarshallAdd simplified support for changing window captions.
2013-08-19 Keith MarshallAdd facility for control of child window placement.
2013-08-19 Keith MarshallConvert to one-shot C++ compilation with dependency...
2013-08-19 Keith MarshallAdd facility for activation of a running application...
2013-08-19 Keith MarshallDo not track .orig files.
2013-07-12 Keith MarshallAdd default handler for WM_CLOSE message.
2012-10-11 Keith MarshallChange package name from wtk/wtkplus to wtklite.
2012-09-05 Keith MarshallLicence wording enhancements.
2012-08-28 Keith MarshallInitial commit for new package.
8 years ago r0.1.2
7 years ago master