OSDN Git Service

2017-05-31 LoRd_MuldeRBump version. v1.08
2017-05-31 LoRd_MuldeRUpdated VS2013 project file.
2017-05-31 LoRd_MuldeRUpdated VS2013 project file.
2017-05-31 LoRd_MuldeRFixed build error in test code.
2017-05-31 LoRd_MuldeRVS2013 build fix.
2017-05-31 LoRd_MuldeRUpdated VS2013 project file.
2017-05-11 LoRd_MuldeRUpdated list of known hosts.
2017-05-11 LoRd_MuldeRRe-gen docs.
2017-05-05 LoRd_MuldeRUpdated the mirror URL.
2017-04-20 LoRd_MuldeRSwitch to using QAtomicInc instead of "volatile" flags...
2017-04-19 LoRd_MuldeRSwitch to using QAtomicInc instead of "volatile" flags...
2017-04-18 LoRd_MuldeRSome code refactoring.
2017-04-16 LoRd_MuldeRFixed possible stack overflow in CPUFetaures::detect...
2017-04-09 LoRd_MuldeRAdded option for creating "pretty" file names to clean_...
2017-04-07 LoRd_MuldeRUpdateChecker: Use MCat tool instead of NC for connecti...
2017-04-01 LoRd_MuldeRSmall tweak of initial connection timeout.
2017-03-29 LoRd_MuldeRUpdate checker: Try first couple of mirrors in "quick...
2017-03-28 LoRd_MuldeRSome code clean-up + make it possible to cancel UpdateC...
2017-03-27 LoRd_MuldeRSome improvements to connectivity check: Start with...
2017-03-03 LoRd_MuldeRAdded functions for "high DPI" support.
2017-01-14 LoRd_MuldeRUpdated list of update mirrors.
2017-01-08 LoRd_MuldeRSome documentation updates.
2017-01-07 LoRd_MuldeRSome documentation updates.
2017-01-07 LoRd_MuldeRSome refactoring and clean-up in create_qt() method.
2017-01-06 LoRd_MuldeRRegenerated documents.
2017-01-06 LoRd_MuldeRHappy new year 2017!
2017-01-06 jbuonagurioAdded Qt5 support, contributed by John Buonagurio ...
2017-01-03 LoRd_MuldeRSome clean-up and simplification for JobObject class.
2016-12-26 LoRd_MuldeRAdded missing linebreak.
2016-12-26 LoRd_MuldeRImproved hash function tests.
2016-12-26 LoRd_MuldeRAdded hash function tests.
2016-12-26 LoRd_MuldeRSome documentation updates.
2016-12-26 LoRd_MuldeRDisable copy constructor.
2016-12-25 LoRd_MuldeRRefactored MUtils::Hash functions.
2016-12-25 LoRd_MuldeRRegenerated documents.
2016-12-25 LoRd_MuldeRSome more improvements of MUtils::CPUFetaures code.
2016-12-24 LoRd_MuldeRRegenerated documents.
2016-12-24 LoRd_MuldeRSmall change to make forward declarations possible.
2016-12-23 LoRd_MuldeRAdded test project to VS2013 solution.
2016-12-23 LoRd_MuldeRAdded support for VS 2015.3 with KB3165756 installed.
2016-12-23 LoRd_MuldeRRegenerated documents.
2016-12-23 LoRd_MuldeRSilenced a debug output.
2016-12-23 LoRd_MuldeRClean up MUtils::CPUFetaures code.
2016-12-23 LoRd_MuldeRRemoved VS2010 project/solution.
2016-12-22 LoRd_MuldeRImplemented SetConsoleIcon() fallback method.
2016-12-22 LoRd_MuldeRSmall fix.
2016-12-20 LoRd_MuldeRAdded script for creating release packages.
2016-12-19 LoRd_MuldeRSome more documentation updates.
2016-12-19 LoRd_MuldeRSmall documentation fix.
2016-12-19 LoRd_MuldeRFixed some typos + moved "main" page to a separate...
2016-12-19 LoRd_MuldeRSome documentation updates.
2016-12-19 LoRd_MuldeRRe-generated the Doxyfile.
2016-12-19 LoRd_MuldeRDocumentation updates.
2016-12-19 LoRd_MuldeRSome documentation updates.
2016-12-19 LoRd_MuldeRRemoved some debug outputs.
2016-12-18 LoRd_MuldeRFixed a typo.
2016-12-18 LoRd_MuldeRFixed a typo.
2016-12-18 LoRd_MuldeRAdded API documentation, created by Doxygen.
2016-12-18 LoRd_MuldeRSimplified next_random() tests.
2016-12-18 LoRd_MuldeRRemoved seed_rand() function. Seeding will now be done...
2016-12-18 LoRd_MuldeRAdded test cases for natural_string_sort() and regexp_p...
2016-12-17 LoRd_MuldeRDon't error out when code is compiled by "Intellisense".
2016-12-17 LoRd_MuldeRSome code refactoring + added tests for remove_file...
2016-12-16 LoRd_MuldeRAdded test cases for clean_file_path() and parity(...
2016-12-16 LoRd_MuldeRRenamed functions for consistency.
2016-12-15 LoRd_MuldeRFixed compilation for "Release" and "Debug" configuration.
2016-12-15 LoRd_MuldeRclean_file_name() function: Deal with reserved file...
2016-12-15 LoRd_MuldeRAdded test cases for clean_file_name() function.
2016-12-15 LoRd_MuldeRAdded test for trim_left() and trim_right() functions.
2016-12-15 LoRd_MuldeRAdded Test project for MUtilities.
2016-12-15 LoRd_MuldeRAdded string trimming functions that trim only the...
2016-12-14 LoRd_MuldeRRevamped clean_file_name() function. Do NOT trim *leadi...
2016-12-14 LoRd_MuldeRAdded function to generate unique file name, using...
2016-12-14 LoRd_MuldeRBump version. v1.07
2016-10-22 LoRd_MuldeRUpdated Wget parameters for latest Wget version.
2016-10-02 LoRd_MuldeRSome improvements to init_process() function.
2016-10-02 LoRd_MuldeRMake it possible to set an extra PATH string for the...
2016-09-17 LoRd_MuldeRAdded support for Visual Studio 2015 with Update-3.
2016-07-18 LoRd_MuldeRFixed a few more instances of "LameXP" being hardcoded...
2016-07-17 LoRd_MuldeRSome improvements to clean_file_path() function.
2016-06-11 LoRd_MuldeRDisable telemetry with VC14.
2016-05-16 LoRd_MuldeRSmall improvement in get_real_os_version() function.
2016-05-15 LoRd_MuldeRImproved get_real_os_version() function. Now also detec...
2016-05-15 LoRd_MuldeRFixed getExecutableName() function.
2016-05-13 LoRd_MuldeRUse RtlGetVersion() to detect the *real* Windows version.
2016-05-08 LoRd_MuldeRFixed is_library_file() for older Windows versions.
2016-05-08 LoRd_MuldeRAdded is_library_file() function.
2016-04-23 LoRd_MuldeRLimit number of connection attempts.
2016-04-23 LoRd_MuldeRRevamped updater thread: Got rid of some old cruft...
2016-04-16 LoRd_MuldeRUpdated README file.
2016-04-16 LoRd_MuldeRUpdated README file.
2016-04-07 LoRd_MuldeRAdded support for Visual Studio 2015 with Update-2.
2016-03-11 LoRd_MuldeRRegistry functions: Optionally allow caller to force...
2016-02-20 LoRd_MuldeRMore accurate way to check whether AVX OS-support is...
2016-02-20 LoRd_MuldeRHappy new year 2016!
2016-02-20 LoRd_MuldeRCPUFeatures: Added AVX detection.
2015-12-19 LoRd_MuldeRFixed compilation with VS2010 and VS2013.
2015-12-12 LoRd_MuldeRBump version. v1.06
2015-12-09 LoRd_MuldeRAdded support for Visual Studio 2015 with Update-1.
2015-11-25 LoRd_MuldeRSome code clean-up + removed a debug output.