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last changeWed, 18 Dec 2019 04:16:07 +0000 (20:16 -0800)
2019-12-18 natemaiaDon't for when running startx from autostart master
2019-12-10 natemaiaFix shell login when using xinit
2019-12-10 natemaiaMinor change to dialog formatting
2019-11-24 natemaiaAdd deepin and large cleanup
2019-11-14 natemaiaRemove root autologin when no login type is chosen
2019-11-03 natemaiaFix: missing boot partition type being passed to part_a...
2019-11-02 natemaiaFix multiple issues
2019-10-30 natemaiaFix message in the wrong place for finishing extra...
2019-10-30 natemaiaDon't allow skipping formatting root
2019-10-29 natemaiaFix: select_filesystem() not offering skip for partitio...
2019-10-29 natemaiaMerge branch '2.1.1-merge'
2019-10-29 natemaiaCorrect version
2019-10-29 natemaiaUpdate README
2019-10-29 natemaiaFix: error in efistub boot setup
2019-10-29 natemaiaVersion bump for release
2019-10-29 natemaiaUpdate for stable
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