OSDN Git Service

2020-04-12 0ranko0PMerge branch 'q10.0' of https://github.com/AICP/platfor... q10.0
2020-04-11 doc HDmanifest: Track external_gptfdisk from LoS
2020-04-10 doc HDmanifest: android-10.0.0_r31 -> android-10.0.0_r33
2020-03-28 doc HDmanifest: Switch to LoS fork of system_extras
2020-03-26 doc HDmanifest: Track development from LoS
2020-03-26 doc HDmanifest: track packages_apps_OmniStyle
2020-03-26 doc HDmanifest: Move libcxx to LoS fork
2020-03-10 sbwmlSwitch new audio HAL
2020-03-10 0ranko0PMerge branch 'q10.0' of https://github.com/AICP/platfor...
2020-03-04 doc HDmanifest: android-10.0.0_r27 --> android-10.0.0_r31
2020-03-02 Julian Veitmanifest: add custom_clang repo
2020-02-25 doc HDmanifest: track external_libhevc fron LoS
2020-02-24 Luca Stefanimanifest: switch to LoS fork of external/chromium-webview
2020-02-23 0ranko0PMerge branch 'q10.0' of https://github.com/AICP/platfor...
2020-02-22 Nebrassymanifest: Track TilesWallpaper
2020-02-18 0ranko0PMerge branch 'q10.0' of https://github.com/AICP/platfor...
2020-02-14 doc HDmanifest: Track packages/services/BuiltInPrintService...
2020-02-13 doc HDmanifest: Track external_toybox from LoS
2020-02-12 doc HDMerge "manifest: Drop Omnirecord" into q10.0
2020-02-09 doc HDmanifest: Track Bluetooth app from AICP
2020-02-06 0ranko0PMerge branch 'q10.0' of https://github.com/AICP/platfor...
2020-02-05 doc HDmanifest: track hardware/libhardware from AICP
2020-02-05 0ranko0PMerge branch 'q10.0' of https://github.com/AICP/platfor...
2020-02-04 doc HDMerge tag 'android-10.0.0_r27' into q10.0
2020-02-03 doc HDmanifest: Drop Omnirecord
2020-01-25 doc HDmanifest: track Contacts & Messaging from AICP
2020-01-23 Han Wangmanifest: Sync devicesettings/flipflap globally
2020-01-21 doc HDMerge "manifest: Track frameworks_opt_net_wifi" into...
2020-01-20 doc HDMerge "lineage-17.0 -> lineage-17.1" into q10.0
2020-01-20 doc HDmanifest: switch to system_hardware_interfaces from LoS
2020-01-19 SpiritCroclineage-17.0 -> lineage-17.1
2020-01-13 0ranko0PMerge branch 'q10.0' of https://github.com/AICP/platfor...
2020-01-13 doc HDmanifest: track system_sepolicy from AICP
2020-01-10 Ali Bmanifest: Track frameworks_opt_net_wifi
2020-01-08 0ranko0PMerge branch 'q10.0' of https://github.com/AICP/platfor...
2020-01-07 doc HDMerge "manifest: Track system_bt from AICP" into q10.0
2020-01-07 doc HDmanifest: Track system_bt from AICP
2020-01-07 doc HDmanifest: android-10.0.0_r18 to android-10.0.0_r23
2020-01-07 doc HDmanifest: Track art repo from AICP
2020-01-07 0ranko0Pmanifest: Untrack goldfish from LineageOS
2020-01-07 0ranko0Pmanifest: Untrack sm8150 platform
2020-01-04 0ranko0PMerge branch 'q10.0' of https://github.com/AICP/platfor...
2020-01-03 0ranko0PMerge branch 'q10.0' of https://github.com/AICP/platfor...
2020-01-03 mosimchahmanifest: track lineage-17.1 for lineage repos
2020-01-03 mosimchahmanifest: track hardware_qcom_wlan from aosp
2020-01-03 mosimchahmanifest: track hardware_qcom_camera from aosp
2020-01-03 sbwmlmanifest: Update audio HAL branch
2020-01-03 0ranko0Pmanifest: Track tinycompress from tag LA.UM.8.11.r1...
2020-01-02 0ranko0Pmanifest: untrack msm8996 hardware
2019-12-31 0ranko0Pmanifest: Use DuckDuckGo as default browser
2019-12-31 0ranko0Pmanifest: Untrack more google devices
2019-12-31 0ranko0Pmanifest: Untrack some qcom platform
2019-12-31 0ranko0Pmanifest: Untrack all darwin toolchain
2019-12-31 0ranko0Pmanifest: Untrack car repos
2019-12-30 mosimchahmanifest: track our ExactCalculator
2019-12-29 mosimchahmanifest: Move updater to aicp-default.xml
2019-12-27 mosimchahmanifest: track our Jelly
2019-12-27 Ali Bmanifest: track some lineage staging repos for r18
2019-12-27 Ali Bmanifest: android-10.0.0_r11 --> android-10.0.0_r18
2019-12-25 mosimchahManifest: Track our hardware_lineage_interfaces
2019-12-13 doc HDmanifest: Track system_keymaster from LoS
2019-12-10 doc HDmanifest: track our own external_tinycompress repo
2019-12-01 SpiritCrocTrack hardware/qcom/audio from Lineage
2019-11-27 doc HDMerge "manifest: Switch to LoS fork of system_bpf"...
2019-11-27 doc HDmanifest: Switch to LoS fork of system_bpf
2019-11-25 doc HDmanifest: Track our own system_netd
2019-11-22 Ralf LutherMerge "manifest: track Snap" into q10.0
2019-11-22 Julian Veitmanifest: track Snap
2019-11-19 Bruno Martinsmanifest: Switch to LoS fork of e2fsprogs
2019-11-16 Ali BMerge "manifest: Merge android-10.0.0_r11 into q10...
2019-11-16 Ali Bmanifest: fix provider origins
2019-11-16 Ali Bmanifest: track Phonogragh
2019-11-16 Ali Bmanifest: track Media and DownloadProvider locally
2019-11-16 doc HDmanifest: Merge android-10.0.0_r11 into q10.0
2019-11-16 doc HDmanifest: Track local services_Telephony
2019-11-11 doc HDmanifest: Track MediaProvider from LoS
2019-11-05 doc HDmanifest: Switch to our WallpaperPicker2 fork
2019-11-05 Michele Bonomanifest: remove aosp ThemePicker
2019-11-05 Michele Bonomanifest: add ThemePicker
2019-11-03 Michele BonoMerge "manifest: bring in OmniJaws" into q10.0
2019-11-03 razorlovesmanifest: Switch to LoS aosp sdm845 display hal
2019-11-02 SpiritCrocTrack fw/opt/slimrecent
2019-11-01 doc HDmanifest: Switch to local system_vold
2019-10-31 Michael Bestasmanifest: Switch to LoS platform_testing fork
2019-10-31 doc HDmanifest: alphabetize removed projects
2019-10-30 Michael Bestasmanifest: Reenable AOSP FM app and add QCOM libfmjni
2019-10-30 doc HDMerge "manifest: Switch to LoS fork of build/blueprint...
2019-10-29 doc HDmanifest: Track a dozen apps from LoS
2019-10-29 Michael Bestasmanifest: Switch to LoS fork of external_mksh and remov...
2019-10-29 Michael Bestasmanifest: enable apq8084 hals
2019-10-29 Ali Bmanifest: bring in OmniJaws
2019-10-29 Rashed Abdel... manifest: Switch to LoS fork of build/blueprint
2019-10-27 Joel Steinmanifest: remove QuickSearchBox
2019-10-25 doc HDMerge "manifest: switch to Lineage Gallery2" into q10.0
2019-10-25 Julian Veitmanifest: switch to Lineage Gallery2
2019-10-24 Michael Bestasmanifest: Enable msm8952, sm8150 ve power HAL's
2019-10-24 Carlos Solanomanifest: track ExactCalculator from lineage
2019-10-22 doc HDmanifest: track our own hardware_interfaces
2019-10-21 Michael Bestasmanifest: track external_tinyalsa from LoS
2019-10-19 Michael Bestasmanifest: Track multiple repos from LoS