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2012-10-04 Greg UngererFrom: Larry Baker <baker@usgs.gov> master
2011-04-04 David McCulloughThe GNU linker uses -v as a shortcut to --version,...
2011-02-15 David McCulloughthe attached patch is needed for the recent elf2flt
2010-12-16 David McCulloughThe .note.ABI-tag section exists to indicate to other...
2010-08-17 David McCulloughWhen we converted ld-elf2flt from the shell script...
2010-06-22 David McCulloughThe current code misses checking a few args in order...
2010-05-11 David McCulloughThe sed debug showed incorrect syntax for deletions...
2010-03-09 Greg UngererHere is a patch to fix a ``misunderstanding'' between...
2010-02-03 David McCulloughuse AS_HELP_STRING for all configure options
2010-02-03 David McCulloughThis is needed for Blackfin FLAT's to be processed...
2010-01-22 David McCulloughMake varargs debug macros GCC-2.x compatible.
2010-01-20 Greg Ungerer[PATCH] add Blackfin to the README
2009-11-09 David McCulloughfix option order when invoking children
2009-08-30 David McCulloughfix elf2flt dep generation in out-of-tree builds
2009-07-14 David McCulloughthe "all" target should not be depending on "ld-elf2flt"
2009-07-14 David McCulloughthe Makefile.in still refers to elf2flt.sh.in:
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