OSDN Git Service

2010-10-27 TATEISHI Katsuyukidoc/heartbeat-ra: Purge SSLProxy, VIPcheck purge-ra
2010-06-15 Jun SugiuraUltraMonkey-L7 2.1.3-1 release. hb-ra-processcheck-fix v2.1.3-1
2010-06-15 Jun SugiuraFix Resource Agents for HBv2
2009-08-22 TATEISHI KatsuyukiUltraMonkey-L7 2.1.3-0 release. v2.1.3-0
2009-08-18 TATEISHI KatsuyukiFix typo pointed out by Kohei TANUMA
2009-08-18 TATEISHI KatsuyukiUpdate INSTALL.ja.utf-8 for new release.
2009-08-18 TATEISHI KatsuyukiImport new INSTALL.ja.utf-8 from web.
2009-08-18 TATEISHI KatsuyukiUpdate Changes for new release.
2009-08-17 Kohei TANUMARe-numbering duplicated log.
2009-08-17 Kohei TANUMARe-numbering log.
2009-08-15 TATEISHI KatsuyukiDisable AutoReqProv to fix dependency error.
2009-08-12 TATEISHI KatsuyukiChange version number.
2009-08-12 TATEISHI KatsuyukiRemove broken debian package building directory. I...
2009-08-12 TATEISHI KatsuyukiMerge commit 'origin/man-fix'; commit 'origin/correspon...
2009-08-12 Shinya TAKEBAYASHIcorresponded to gcc 4.3
2009-08-12 Shinya TAKEBAYASHIUpdated l7directord man page.
2009-08-12 Shinya TAKEBAYASHIUpdated man pages.
2009-08-10 Kohei TANUMAFix segfault. (conn->srv may null :D)
2009-08-06 TATEISHI KatsuyukiMerge commit 'sfj/heartbeat-ra'
2009-08-06 TATEISHI KatsuyukiAdd new entries into Makefile.am.
2009-08-06 TATEISHI KatsuyukiMerge commit 'sfj/heartbeat-ra'
2009-08-06 TATEISHI KatsuyukiUpdate heartbeat files.
2009-08-06 TATEISHI KatsuyukiMerge commit 'sfj/spec-fix'
2009-08-06 TATEISHI KatsuyukiFix spec file name, should have been the same as packag...
2009-08-06 TATEISHI KatsuyukiModify spec and initscripts to make them rpmlint free...
2009-08-04 TATEISHI KatsuyukiMerge commit 'sfj/autotools-fix'; commit 'sfj/modulefix...
2009-08-04 TATEISHI KatsuyukiFix wrong include directory. (In fact, it will affect...
2009-08-04 Shinya TAKEBAYASHICorresponded to 1-32 bytes SSL Session IDs. / [Ultramon...
2009-08-03 Kohei TANUMADelete urla module files.
2009-08-03 Kohei TANUMAModule bug fix.
2009-06-25 TATEISHI KatsuyukiMerge commit 'sfj/l7directord-bugfix'; commit 'sfj...
2009-06-24 TATEISHI KatsuyukiClean up Autotools related files and rpm spec file.
2009-06-24 TATEISHI KatsuyukiDelete all files generated from configure.in and Makefi...
2009-06-24 TATEISHI KatsuyukiMerge commit 'sfj/heartbeat-ra'; commit 'sfj/man-fix...
2009-06-09 TATEISHI KatsuyukiChanges to listen on INADDR_ANY as a virtual service.
2009-06-09 TATEISHI KatsuyukiUpdate Heartbeat RA and cib.xml examples.
2009-06-09 TATEISHI KatsuyukiRename cib.xml-sample.
2009-06-09 TATEISHI KatsuyukiAdd new directories for documentation and example confi...
2009-05-28 Shinya TAKEBAYASHIUpdated l7directord to newest version
2009-05-25 Shinya TAKEBAYASHITranlated l7vsd man page
2009-05-25 Shinya TAKEBAYASHIFixed install progress
2009-05-23 Kohei TANUMAFix some bugs of l7directord.
2009-05-13 Shinya TAKEBAYASHIDeleted HTTP header modifires v2.1.2-2
2009-05-11 Shinya TAKEBAYASHIDeleted additional tool
2009-05-11 Shinya TAKEBAYASHIUpdated autotools' files
2009-05-05 Shinya TAKEBAYASHIUpdated version numbers.
2009-05-05 Shinya TAKEBAYASHIUpdated CHANGES
2009-05-05 Shinya TAKEBAYASHIMerge commit 'origin/sslid-fix' into 2.1.2-2-rc
2009-05-05 Shinya TAKEBAYASHIMerge commit 'origin/rcscript-fix' into 2.1.2-2-rc
2009-05-05 Shinya TAKEBAYASHIMerge commit 'origin/document-fix' into 2.1.2-2-rc
2009-04-28 Shinya TAKEBAYASHIAdded entry(boost) to required libraries.
2009-04-23 Shinya TAKEBAYASHIFixed chkconfig option
2009-04-23 Shinya TAKEBAYASHIAdded autostart setting
2009-04-22 Shinya TAKEBAYASHIReverted previous version + fixed init problems
2009-04-22 Shinya TAKEBAYASHIFixed rc script for l7directord --- suitable for init
2009-04-22 Shinya TAKEBAYASHIFixed rc script for l7vsd --- suitable for chkconfig
2009-04-21 Shinya TAKEBAYASHIRemoved unused variable.
2009-04-21 Shinya TAKEBAYASHIChanged key.
2009-04-20 Shinya TAKEBAYASHIDeleted dummy file
2009-04-20 Shinya TAKEBAYASHIFixed replication process -- replication runs only...
2009-04-20 Shinya TAKEBAYASHIInitial commit from 2.1.2-1
2009-04-20 Shinya TAKEBAYASHICommitted empty file