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last changeFri, 27 Apr 2018 11:51:52 +0000 (20:51 +0900)
2018-04-27 YujiSoftwareUse the reg command to import/export properties master
2018-04-05 Kazuhiro FujiedaUpdate documents snap-180407
2018-04-01 Kazuhiro FujiedaFix recursive commands not working on Windows 10
2018-04-01 Kazuhiro FujiedaFix a bug where shift key combinations cancel the mark
2018-04-01 Kazuhiro FujiedaReduce invocations of CoInitializeEx
2018-04-01 Kazuhiro FujiedaImprove debug logging
2018-04-01 Kazuhiro FujiedaRetry CoInitializeEx on its failure
2018-04-01 Kazuhiro FujiedaAdd .vs/ to .gitignore
2018-03-31 YujiSoftwareAdjust the layout of the properties dialog dynamically
2017-05-12 Kazuhiro FujiedaFix Firefox crashes on showing a move in full screen
2017-05-11 Kazuhiro FujiedaChange the platform toolset to v140
2014-09-20 Kazuhiro FujiedaMake some modifications to TSFHandler
2014-09-13 Kazuhiro FujiedaSupport TSF-based IMEs on TSF-aware applications
2014-09-11 Kazuhiro FujiedaAdd a new class to handle the TLS stuff
2014-09-11 Kazuhiro FujiedaFix a bug where the icon doesn't reflect the hook state...
2014-09-11 Kazuhiro FujiedaAdd the only active TIP (IME on TSF) to the IME list
4 years ago snap-180407 snapshot of 2018-04-07
10 years ago add-keystring
10 years ago init initial import
10 years ago snap-110830 snapshot of 2011-08-30
10 years ago snap-110814 snapshot of 2011-08-14
10 years ago snap-110807 snapshot of 2011-08-07
10 years ago snap-110721 snapshot of 2011-07-21
11 years ago snap-110717 snapshot of 2011-07-17
11 years ago snap-110713 snapshot of 2011-07-13
11 years ago snap-110702 snapshot of 2011-07-02
11 years ago snap-110621 snapshot of 2011-06-21
11 years ago snap-110611 snapshot of 2011-06-11
11 years ago snap-110503 snapshot of 2011-05-03.
11 years ago snap-64bit This revision almost work on 64bit...
11 years ago snap-32bit This revision almost works on 32bit...
4 years ago master