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last changeWed, 1 Oct 2014 09:45:03 +0000 (18:45 +0900)
2014-10-01 gimyuse boost_1_56_0 and build by VS2013 master
2014-10-01 gimyconvert projects for VS2013
2010-05-19 gimycollect some files' permissions
2009-09-18 U-i7\gimyupdate readme.txt for v0.03 v0.03
2009-09-15 U-i7\gimypost WM_NULL to attached threads on yamy exit to unmap...
2009-09-15 U-i7\gimyenable command notify on x64
2009-09-13 U-i7\gimyupdate version number for next release
2009-09-13 U-i7\gimythrough scancode hooked by WH_KEYBOARD_LL, if yamy...
2009-09-13 U-i7\gimy1. use WM_COPYDATA to notify from yamy{32,64}.dll to...
2009-09-13 U-i7\gimyfix ticket #18663
2009-09-12 U-i7\gimyfix double CloseHandle problem for m_threadHandle and...
2009-09-08 U-i7\gimyrelease input queue and wait input event atomically
2009-09-01 U-i7\gimydelete unnecessary queue lock in Engine::injectInput...
2009-08-29 U-i7\gimyenable retry to escape NLS keys only on fail by timeout v0.02
2009-08-29 U-i7\gimyupdate readme.txt for v0.02
2009-08-29 U-i7\gimyinvoke yamy{64,32} and yamyd32 from same directory...
12 years ago v0.03
12 years ago v0.02
13 years ago v0.01
7 years ago master