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Allow Chromium to create an OpenGL ES3 context
[android-x86/external-swiftshader.git] / src / Common /
2017-08-04 Nicolas CapensWork around stlport build bug.
2017-08-02 Alexis HetuSwiftShader always builds its release version in Chromium
2017-07-25 Nicolas CapensSuppress UBSan false positives.
2017-07-11 Nicolas CapensFix signed/unsigned comparison warning.
2017-07-10 Nicolas CapensFix TLS for platforms without library constructors.
2017-07-07 Nicolas CapensIntialize memory to zero to silence MSan.
2017-06-22 Jaesung Chungadd support for gralloc1 mapper
2017-06-21 Nicolas CapensFix Mac OS library loading for unittests.
2017-05-19 Nicolas CapensFix locking a destroyed mutex.
2017-05-11 Nicolas CapensPrevent LTO from eliminating cross-library virtual...
2017-05-03 Nicolas CapensAdd Subzero as a Git subtree.
2017-04-25 Nicolas CapensFix ARM compilation.
2017-04-25 Nicolas CapensUse pthread mutexes on all Linux platforms.
2017-04-19 Nicolas CapensFix potential data race in mutex lock implementation.
2017-03-14 Alexis HetuFixed defines from BUILD.gn files
2017-03-10 Nicolas CapensRemove clobber registers conflicting with input variables.
2017-03-10 Nicolas CapensWork around unsuppressable GCC error.
2017-02-15 Nicolas CapensUse rep stos x86 assembly for fast clears.
2017-02-03 Jorge E. MoreiraModified MutexLock to use a pthread mutex on Android.
2017-02-02 Nicolas CapensGuard against threads joining twice.
2017-01-18 Nicolas CapensDetect SSE4.1 support for Subzero.
2016-11-22 Alexis HetuFixed official chromium build on Linux
2016-09-13 Alexis HetuMade SwiftShader compile on Mac in Chromium
2016-09-07 Nicolas CapensFix null pointer access by older Chrome versions.
2016-09-01 Alexis HetuFixing intrinsics for Windows clang
2016-08-31 Alexis HetuFixed build files for Windows clang
2016-08-12 Anthony Vallee-DuboisMake memory for generated routines non-writable.
2016-07-07 Alexis HetuUpdate to BUILD.gn files
2016-06-23 Alexis HetuUpdate to gn files for Windows
2016-06-09 Alexis HetuGN files, initial check in
2016-06-08 Alexis HetuMoved or removed unused variables
2016-05-28 Nicolas CapensUse static_assert instead of meta macros.
2016-05-16 Nicolas CapensUpdate version.
2016-05-13 Nicolas CapensAdd missing license headers.
2016-05-11 Nicolas CapensApply the Apache 2.0 license.
2016-05-09 Nicolas CapensFix log2() accuracy.
2016-04-19 Nicolas CapensFix signed/unsigned compiler warning.
2016-04-18 Nicolas CapensRefactor implementation constants.
2016-03-24 Nicolas CapensReduce math function duplication.
2016-02-10 Alexis HetuFixed mask related state queries
2016-02-10 Nicolas CapensFix attempting to load libX11 when rendering headless.
2016-02-08 Nicolas CapensFix reference counting of texture images.
2016-01-15 Nicolas CapensFix Clang warnings.
2016-01-11 Nicolas CapensFix glReadPixels and glClear memory leaks.
2016-01-09 Nicolas CapensFix macro redefinition warning.
2016-01-09 Nicolas CapensUse empty initializer lists for zeroing structs.
2016-01-06 Nicolas CapensFix using floating-point exp2()
2015-12-23 Corentin WallezMake SwiftShader compile on Mac (with unimplemented...
2015-12-21 Nicolas CapensFix missing abs() declaration.
2015-12-21 Nicolas CapensRemove unnecessary header includes.
2015-12-08 Nicolas CapensRemove unused header.
2015-11-02 Nicolas CapensExplicitly load shared libraries with local visibility.
2015-10-26 Alexis HetuTexture load functionality for integer types
2015-10-23 Alexis HetuNew read/write cases for integer types
2015-10-08 Greg HartmanFix mixed type call to max
2015-10-01 Alexis HetuNew format conversion classes and routines
2015-09-24 Nicolas CapensDisable R5G6B5 conversion in gralloc.
2015-09-02 Nicolas CapensImplement support for YV12 texture sampling.
2015-07-17 Nicolas CapensAdapt D3D9 to Renderer changes.
2015-07-17 Nicolas CapensAdd the D3D9 project to the solution.
2015-07-10 Greg HartmanMake the debug messages more descriptive
2015-06-26 Greg HartmanFix some warnings
2015-06-22 Nicolas CapensLog the switch value when reaching an UNREACHABLE().
2015-06-15 Nicolas CapensSimplify int4 and float4 types.
2015-06-11 Alexis HetuEliminating warnings from SwifShader
2015-05-20 Nicolas CapensRemove tracing of memory allocations.
2015-05-18 Greg HartmanTurn off tracing on the release build
2015-05-14 Greg HartmanImprove advice for attaching the debugger
2015-05-07 Nicolas CapensUse global libX11 symbols when present.
2015-05-06 Greg HartmanFix pairing of gralloc locks and unlocks to avoid refer...
2015-04-25 Greg HartmanInitial work to connect gralloc to egl::Image
2015-04-20 Nicolas CapensWhen X11 is unavailable, default to a headless display.
2015-04-17 Greg HartmanSet up Android-specific debugging
2015-04-17 Nicolas CapensOnly load a dependent library when it has an expected...
2015-04-16 Nicolas CapensRemove unnecessary assert.h includes.
2015-04-16 Nicolas CapensAccess library dependencies through a single object.
2015-04-13 Nicolas CapensBump the version number for release.
2015-03-25 Greg HartmanTurn on tracing on Android by default.
2015-03-25 Ping-Hao Wudlopen() has no NO_LOAD option before Android L.
2015-03-24 Greg HartmanConnect tracing and logcat
2015-03-23 Nicolas CapensWait for threads to exit when destroying them.
2015-03-23 Nicolas CapensUse sched_yield() instead of pthread_yield().
2015-03-23 Ping-Hao WuAdded missing header
2015-01-20 Nicolas CapensIncrement the version number.
2014-12-11 Nicolas CapensRemove a GCC-specific intrinsic
2014-12-11 Nicolas CapensRemove Apple-specific CPUID queries.
2014-12-03 Nicolas CapensEliminate GL buffers.
2014-11-25 Nicolas CapensUse both sysv and gnu style linker hash tables.
2014-11-22 Nicolas CapensAdd libGLES_CM to the Code::Blocks project.
2014-11-21 Nicolas CapensSwitch from GCC to Clang.
2014-11-21 Nicolas CapensFix closing unopened shared libraries.
2014-11-17 Nicolas CapensAdd the OGLES2HelloTriangle sample to the Linux build.
2014-11-14 Nicolas CapensFix the Linux build.
2014-11-13 Alexis HetuFixing some trivial warnings in the SwiftShader build.
2014-11-05 Nicolas CapensLoad libraries from a list of possible names.
2014-10-22 Nicolas CapensRemove unused min/max definitions.
2014-10-15 Nicolas CapensUpdate the release version.
2014-06-26 Nicolas CapensSeparate memory page size determination into a function.
2014-05-07 Nicolas CapensUse the full format to specify frame buffer blits.
2014-05-07 Nicolas CapensCheck for X11 window resizes.