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Allow Chromium to create an OpenGL ES3 context
[android-x86/external-swiftshader.git] / src / D3D9 /
2017-08-09 Branimir KaradžićFixed D3DQUERYTYPE_TIMESTAMP behaviour.
2017-07-21 Nicolas CapensFix clearing all samples of multisample render targets.
2017-06-12 Nicolas CapensFix D3D8, D3D9, and GL builds.
2017-05-19 Nicolas CapensFix locking a destroyed mutex.
2017-05-03 Nicolas CapensAdd Subzero as a Git subtree.
2016-12-01 Nicolas CapensEnable multiprocessor compilation.
2016-10-06 Alexis HetuAdding functionality to stencils
2016-09-16 Nicolas CapensAdd Direct3D 8 implementation.
2016-09-15 Alexis HetuUpgrade to Visual Studio 2015 project files
2016-08-04 Alexis HetuShader cleanup
2016-05-28 Nicolas CapensUse static_assert instead of meta macros.
2016-05-20 Nicolas CapensMake the number of vertex inputs configurable.
2016-05-20 Nicolas CapensMake the number of fragment inputs configurable.
2016-05-20 Nicolas CapensMake the number of vertex outputs configurable.
2016-05-13 Nicolas CapensOutput builds to top-level obj and bin folder.
2016-05-12 Nicolas CapensCopy d3d9.dll builds to lib directory.
2016-05-12 Nicolas CapensUpdate D3DCAPS2 descriptions to match MSDN documentation.
2016-05-11 Nicolas CapensApply the Apache 2.0 license.
2016-05-10 Nicolas CapensRemove the watermark logo.
2016-05-10 Nicolas CapensMove LLVM to /third_party.
2016-04-18 Nicolas CapensRefactor implementation constants.
2016-03-24 Nicolas CapensRefactor buffer clearing.
2016-03-24 Nicolas CapensSupport separate depth and stencil buffers.
2016-03-09 Alexis HetuTransform feedback query implementation
2016-01-15 Alexis HetuAdded some uses of FRAGMENT_UNIFORM_VECTORS and VERTEX_...
2015-12-01 Nicolas CapensFix GL and D3D9 compilation.
2015-11-27 Alexis HetuBlitter clear implementation
2015-10-22 Alexis HetuInteger types support in Blitter
2015-09-22 Nicolas CapensImprove color clear precision.
2015-08-31 Alexis HetuEnable glsl integer code
2015-07-19 Nicolas CapensAdd an attach debugger dialog.
2015-07-17 Nicolas CapensReimplement Direct3D GetFunction().
2015-07-17 Nicolas CapensAdapt D3D9 to Renderer changes.
2015-07-17 Nicolas CapensAdd the D3D9 project to the solution.
2015-07-17 Nicolas CapensAdd back the D3D9 code from before the April 2014 code...
2014-05-06 John BaumanUpdate SwiftShader to April code dump.
2014-05-06 John BaumanSwitch SwiftShader to use GDI
2014-05-06 John BaumanAdd vcproj files for swiftshader
2014-05-06 John BaumanAdd SwiftShader source to repo