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[android-x86/external-swiftshader.git] / src / Main / Config.hpp
2017-08-16 Alexis HetuImplement GL_MAX_PROGRAM_TEXEL_OFFSET and GL_MAX_TEXTUR...
2017-06-07 Alexis HetuIncrease OUTLINE_RESOLUTION to 8192
2017-05-03 Nicolas CapensAdd Subzero as a Git subtree.
2017-04-11 Alexis HetuIncreased varyings limit
2016-06-03 Meng-Lin Wutexoffset implementation
2016-05-20 Nicolas CapensMake the number of vertex inputs configurable.
2016-05-20 Nicolas CapensMake the number of fragment inputs configurable.
2016-05-20 Nicolas CapensMake the number of vertex outputs configurable.
2016-05-11 Nicolas CapensApply the Apache 2.0 license.
2016-04-18 Nicolas CapensFix support for variable number of render targets.
2016-04-18 Nicolas CapensRefactor implementation constants.
2016-04-06 Alexis HetuTransform Feedback buffer locking utility functions
2016-02-17 Alexis HetuDefined uniform block related constants
2016-02-01 Alexis HetuPassing uniform buffers to the vertex/pixel programs
2015-11-16 Alexis HetuMultiple draw buffers implementation
2015-08-11 Nicolas CapensUse a symbolic constant for the default thread count.
2015-07-03 Nicolas CapensImplement user clip planes.
2015-06-26 Nicolas CapensFix vertex attribute count constant.
2015-06-11 Alexis HetuIncreasing the number of vertex texture units allowed
2015-06-09 Alexis HetuUniform Blocks API
2015-05-11 Alexis HetuMultiple color attachments
2015-04-09 Alexis HetuAdding new object types for OpenGL ES 3.0
2015-04-01 Alexis HetuReplacing numbers by constants
2015-03-02 Nicolas CapensAlways show the FPS when SwiftConfig is active.
2014-12-01 Nicolas CapensImplement ETC1 compressed textures support.
2014-06-17 Nicolas CapensFix S3TC compilation on Linux.
2014-05-28 Nicolas CapensMerge "Optimize culling."
2014-05-07 Nicolas CapensEnable S3TC texture formats on Windows.
2014-05-06 John BaumanAdd SwiftShader source to repo