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Allow Chromium to create an OpenGL ES3 context
[android-x86/external-swiftshader.git] / src / OpenGL /
2017-08-17 Alexis HetuglGetFragDataLocation implementation
2017-08-16 Alexis HetuImplement GL_MAX_PROGRAM_TEXEL_OFFSET and GL_MAX_TEXTUR...
2017-08-10 Nicolas CapensRestrict GLSL globals to be initialized with constant...
2017-08-08 Alexis HetuRollback debug specific changes to build files
2017-08-04 Nicolas CapensLog an error when unsupported Android pixel formats...
2017-08-04 Nicolas CapensCheck against sRGB formats for eglBindTexImage().
2017-08-04 Alexis HetuFixed some function signatures
2017-08-04 Nicolas CapensAdd libnativewindow dependency.
2017-08-04 Nicolas CapensSuppress attributes warnings.
2017-08-04 Nicolas CapensRefactor Android includes.
2017-08-03 Nicolas CapensImplement GL_OES_vertex_half_float.
2017-08-02 Alexis HetuGL_R11F_G11F_B10F is a color renderable format in OpenG...
2017-08-02 Alexis HetuSwiftShader always builds its release version in Chromium
2017-08-01 Alexis HetuFixed loading GL_RGB10_A2UI texture format
2017-07-28 Alexis HetuGLSL bitwise NOT implementation
2017-07-27 Alexis Hetugl_VertexID implementation
2017-07-25 Alexis HetuglGetString fix
2017-07-25 Nicolas CapensSuppress UBSan false positives.
2017-07-21 Nicolas CapensFix clearing all samples of multisample render targets.
2017-07-20 Nicolas CapensFix file descriptor leak.
2017-07-19 Alexis HetuAdd texture filtering precision hint
2017-07-19 Nicolas CapensExport type-info symbols.
2017-07-17 Nicolas CapensUse real snprintf when available.
2017-07-12 Ben VanikMaking debug object tracking thread safe.
2017-07-12 Ben VanikMaking Program use the currently active context device.
2017-07-12 Ben VanikUnbinding uniform buffers on context shutdown.
2017-07-11 Nicolas CapensFix retrieving the current Display.
2017-07-10 Nicolas CapensFix TLS for platforms without library constructors.
2017-07-06 Nicolas CapensFix checking dimensions of surfaces.
2017-07-04 Nicolas CapensFix allowing to make null EGL surfaces current.
2017-06-28 Nicolas CapensMake Blitter part of Renderer.
2017-06-28 Nicolas CapensRefactor texture method overrides.
2017-06-27 Nicolas CapensDon't crash when using a buffer with no data.
2017-06-24 Nicolas CapensFix resetting current display when no current context.
2017-06-23 Nicolas CapensRename libraries on Mac OS to prevent conflicts.
2017-06-22 Jaesung Chungadd support for gralloc1 mapper
2017-06-21 Nicolas CapensRevert workarounds for ThinLTO linker builds.
2017-06-21 Nicolas CapensFix Mac OS library loading for unittests.
2017-06-15 Nicolas CapensMake the EGL surface class abstract.
2017-06-12 Nicolas CapensFix D3D8, D3D9, and GL builds.
2017-06-12 Antoine LabourSynchronize in ~ImageImplementation
2017-06-12 Nicolas CapensFix symbol visibility for preemption.
2017-06-12 Nicolas CapensExpose EGL_EXT_platform_base on all platforms.
2017-06-09 Nicolas CapensAdd Chromium global build dependency.
2017-06-08 Nicolas CapensAvoid dummy key methods by using pure abstract classes.
2017-06-08 Nicolas CapensMake the FrameBuffer class pure abstract.
2017-06-07 Alexis HetuFixed R8 and RG8 frambuffers for GLES2
2017-06-05 Alexis HetuImplement EGL_EXT_client_extensions
2017-06-05 Alexis HetuExpose GL_EXT_texture_rg extension
2017-05-29 Alexis HetuAdded missing integer query
2017-05-24 Lingfeng YangDon't dynamically recurse when analyzing functions
2017-05-24 Lingfeng YangAllow GL_TEXTURE_MAX_ANISOTROPY_EXT from sampler object.
2017-05-24 Alexis HetuAdded EGL display validity check
2017-05-24 Nicolas CapensImplement unrolling of loops using > or >=.
2017-05-24 Nicolas CapensFix null dereference on uninitialized loop variable.
2017-05-24 Alexis HetuTransform feedback varyings no longer linked when unused
2017-05-19 Nicolas CapensFix locking a destroyed mutex.
2017-05-19 Nicolas CapensImplement eglQueryContext.
2017-05-17 Nicolas CapensFix assert on using GLSL sampler function arguments.
2017-05-16 Nicolas CapensReset pointer to null after delete.
2017-05-12 Nicolas CapensReplace unique_ptr with a raw pointer.
2017-05-11 Nicolas CapensPrevent LTO from eliminating cross-library virtual...
2017-05-05 Nicolas CapensRemove EGL dependency on LLVM.
2017-05-03 Nicolas CapensAdd Subzero as a Git subtree.
2017-05-02 Nicolas CapensBuild with Subzero for Android on ARM.
2017-04-25 Nicolas CapensFix ARM compilation.
2017-04-18 Ivan KrasinAlso fix libGLESv2.
2017-04-18 Ivan KrasinDisable CFI on SwiftShader's libEGL.
2017-04-18 Ivan KrasinFix SwiftShader's libEGL build under ThinLTO.
2017-04-13 Nicolas CapensImplement GL_CURRENT_COLOR/NORMAL/TEXTURE_COORDS for...
2017-04-13 Nicolas CapensClarify when we set the EGL_FRAMEBUFFER_TARGET_ANDROID...
2017-04-13 Nicolas CapensFix setting depth+stencil texture attachment.
2017-04-12 Nicolas CapensFix floating-point color buffer support.
2017-04-11 Alexis HetuIncreased varyings limit
2017-04-04 Nicolas CapensFix libEGL symbol visibility.
2017-03-29 Tom AndersonGcc: Suppress some warnings in src/OpenGL
2017-03-29 Nicolas CapensFix not returning GL_BGRA_EXT for incompatible format...
2017-03-29 Nicolas CapensSupport GL_BGRA_EXT readback for all normalized formats.
2017-03-29 Nicolas CapensRefactor read pixel format/type validation.
2017-03-20 Tom AndersonFix GCC build
2017-03-20 Nicolas CapensFix C++11 strict string literal const correctness.
2017-03-16 Alexis HetuBuild fix
2017-03-16 Alexis HetuMade debugger wait dialog Visual Studio only
2017-03-15 Greg HartmanAllows SwiftShader to identify the Android version
2017-03-14 Alexis HetuFixed defines from BUILD.gn files
2017-02-19 Alexis HetuglGetSynciv implementation
2017-02-17 Alexis HetuFixed glGetIntegerv for OpenGL ES 2
2017-02-14 Alexis HetuRemoving a few UNIMPLEMENTED cases
2017-02-14 Nicolas CapensDisable OpenGL ES 3.0 in Chromium builds.
2017-02-13 Nicolas CapensFix min/max signed zero and NaN handling.
2017-02-13 Alexis HetuFix for Chromium linux official build
2017-02-10 Alexis HetuFixing the Linux build without breaking the Mac build
2017-02-10 Alexis HetuFixed Mac build
2017-02-08 Greg HartmanPull out SWIFTSHADER_OPTIM
2017-02-07 Nicolas CapensAdd dummy key methods for UBSan RTTI.
2017-02-03 Jorge E. MoreiraModified MutexLock to use a pthread mutex on Android.
2017-02-03 Greg HartmanRemove obsolete vendor rules
2017-01-31 Victor KhimenkoSupport TARGET_TRANSLATE_2ND_ARCH case
2017-01-31 Greg HartmanSupport HAL_PIXEL_FORMAT_IMPLEMENTATION_DEFINED as...
2017-01-30 Nicolas CapensFix using sized internal formats for EGL images.