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Extra warnings suppression for Chromium
[android-x86/external-swiftshader.git] / src / Reactor / BUILD.gn
2017-08-02 Alexis HetuExtra warnings suppression for Chromium
2017-08-02 Alexis HetuSwiftShader always builds its release version in Chromium
2017-07-25 Nicolas CapensSuppress UBSan false positives.
2017-05-03 Nicolas CapensBuild Subzero from the subtree directory.
2017-05-03 Nicolas CapensAdd Subzero as a Git subtree.
2017-04-03 Nicolas CapensSwitch to Subzero instead of LLVM on Linux.
2017-03-14 Alexis HetuFixed defines from BUILD.gn files
2017-02-15 Alexis HetuFix for Subzero compilation on x86
2017-02-14 Alexis HetuEnabling Subzero compilation on Windows
2017-02-09 Alexis HetuFixing Chromium build all
2017-02-08 Alexis HetuFix ignored gn local variable
2017-02-07 Alexis HetuCleaning up BUILD.gn file before Chromium DEPS update
2017-02-02 Alexis HetuAdding Subzero to Chromium on Windows
2016-11-22 Alexis HetuFixed official chromium build on Linux
2016-11-15 Alexis HetuFixed clang warnings and unmuted these warnings
2016-09-28 Nicolas CapensRename Nucleus.cpp to LLVMReactor.cpp.
2016-09-28 Nicolas CapensAbstract the Routine class.
2016-09-28 Nicolas CapensDeprecate DLL precaching support.
2016-09-13 Alexis HetuMade SwiftShader compile on Mac in Chromium
2016-08-31 Alexis HetuFixed build files for Windows clang
2016-07-07 Alexis HetuUpdate to BUILD.gn files
2016-06-23 Alexis HetuUpdate to gn files for Windows
2016-06-09 Alexis HetuGN files, initial check in