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Allow Chromium to create an OpenGL ES3 context
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2017-08-05 Nicolas CapensGeneralize 4x32-bit vector swizzling.
2017-08-04 Alexis HetuEnable Subzero on ChromeOS
2017-08-04 Alexis HetuFixed 'truncation of constant value' warning
2017-08-04 Nicolas CapensWork around stlport build bug.
2017-08-02 Alexis HetuExtra warnings suppression for Chromium
2017-08-02 Alexis HetuSwiftShader always builds its release version in Chromium
2017-08-01 Nicolas CapensUse unorderer_map<> for def/use information.
2017-08-01 Nicolas CapensEmulate 64-bit vectors using 128-bit vectors.
2017-08-01 Nicolas CapensAssume SSE2 support is available.
2017-08-01 Nicolas CapensAbstract LLVM types to enable emulation.
2017-08-01 Nicolas CapensAssume local variables are naturally aligned.
2017-08-01 Nicolas CapensRemove sub-vector load/store address hack.
2017-07-26 Nicolas CapensFix sign masks of narrow vectors.
2017-07-26 Nicolas CapensEmulate vector square root intrinsic.
2017-07-26 Nicolas CapensEmulate MultiplyAddPairs intrinsic.
2017-07-26 Nicolas CapensEmulate MultiplyHigh intrinsics.
2017-07-26 Nicolas CapensEmulate vector packing intrinsics.
2017-07-26 Nicolas CapensEmulate saturated vector add/subtract.
2017-07-26 Nicolas CapensEmulate SignMask intrinsics.
2017-07-26 Nicolas CapensEmulate vector shift by immediate intrinsics.
2017-07-26 Nicolas CapensEmulate sub-vector load/store intrinsics.
2017-07-26 Nicolas CapensSupport bitcasts between scalars and short vectors.
2017-07-26 Nicolas CapensReplace only loads matching the store type.
2017-07-26 Nicolas CapensDon't eliminate wide store followed by a narrow one.
2017-07-26 Nicolas CapensRefactor checking for sub-vector intrinsics.
2017-07-26 Nicolas CapensFix RValue<T> construction from incorrect types.
2017-07-25 Nicolas CapensSuppress UBSan false positives.
2017-07-24 Alexis HetuAdded UInt to FP cast
2017-07-17 Nicolas CapensFix Frac() returning 1.0.
2017-07-05 Nicolas CapensFix memory leak of Subzero global inits.
2017-07-05 Nicolas CapensFix memory leak when aborting routine generation.
2017-06-28 Nicolas CapensMake Blitter part of Renderer.
2017-05-29 Nicolas CapensSet permissions after loading image.
2017-05-24 Nicolas CapensRemove unused return value.
2017-05-08 Nicolas CapensFix buffer overflow.
2017-05-03 Nicolas CapensRemove the Subzero submodule.
2017-05-03 Nicolas CapensBuild Subzero from the subtree directory.
2017-05-03 Nicolas CapensUnconditionally compile relocation code.
2017-05-03 Nicolas CapensAdd Subzero as a Git subtree.
2017-05-02 Nicolas CapensBuild with Subzero for Android on ARM.
2017-05-02 Nicolas CapensEmulate rounding to the nearest integer.
2017-04-26 Nicolas CapensSupport ARM compilation with Subzero.
2017-04-25 Nicolas CapensFix ARM compilation.
2017-04-25 Nicolas CapensFlush the instruction cache after loading JIT compiled...
2017-04-18 Nicolas CapensFix buffer overflow.
2017-04-03 Nicolas CapensSwitch to Subzero instead of LLVM on Linux.
2017-03-20 Tom AndersonFix GCC build
2017-03-14 Alexis HetuFixed defines from BUILD.gn files
2017-02-15 Alexis HetuFix for Subzero compilation on x86
2017-02-14 Alexis HetuEnabling Subzero compilation on Windows
2017-02-13 Nicolas CapensFix min/max signed zero and NaN handling.
2017-02-09 Alexis HetuFixing Chromium build all
2017-02-08 Alexis HetuFix ignored gn local variable
2017-02-07 Alexis HetuCleaning up BUILD.gn file before Chromium DEPS update
2017-02-03 Jorge E. MoreiraModified MutexLock to use a pthread mutex on Android.
2017-02-03 Nicolas CapensOptimize replication.
2017-02-02 Alexis HetuAdding Subzero to Chromium on Windows
2017-01-30 Nicolas CapensRefactor Byte4 unpacking.
2017-01-30 Nicolas CapensSupport unsigned array indices.
2017-01-30 Nicolas CapensFix array addressing of emulated vector types.
2017-01-30 Nicolas CapensGeneralize dead stores.
2017-01-30 Nicolas CapensFix eliminating stores to pointer arguments.
2017-01-25 Nicolas CapensOptimize constant operand order.
2017-01-25 Nicolas CapensVectorize R5G6B5 framebuffer present.
2017-01-23 Nicolas CapensUse MAP_ANON if MAP_ANONYMOUS is not defined.
2017-01-19 Alexis HetuFixed warnings in Reactor
2017-01-18 Nicolas CapensEmit SSE2 compatible operations if SSE4.1 is not supported.
2017-01-18 Nicolas CapensDetect SSE4.1 support for Subzero.
2017-01-18 Nicolas CapensFix loading uninitialized data in loops.
2017-01-17 Nicolas CapensFix packusdw SSE2 fallback.
2017-01-17 Nicolas CapensRefactor Reactor type constructors.
2017-01-17 Nicolas CapensFix the vector element extraction type for Short4.
2017-01-16 Nicolas CapensAvoid vector element insert type mismatch.
2017-01-16 Nicolas CapensFix Subzero vector comparison.
2017-01-16 Nicolas CapensManually convert unsigned integer to floating-point.
2017-01-10 Nicolas CapensFix SubzeroTest compilation.
2017-01-09 Nicolas CapensExplicitly use the Microsoft ABI on Win32 builds.
2017-01-06 Nicolas CapensAdd a CMake option to build with Subzero.
2017-01-06 Nicolas CapensImplement executable memory allocation for Subzero...
2017-01-06 Nicolas CapensUpdate Subzero LLVM dependencies to 759dd39154f0bbf1adc...
2016-12-13 Nicolas CapensEliminate dead code.
2016-12-13 Nicolas CapensOptimize stores in a single basic block.
2016-12-13 Nicolas CapensEliminate loads following a single store.
2016-12-13 Nicolas CapensEliminate loading of uninitialized variables.
2016-12-13 Nicolas CapensEliminate unused allocas.
2016-12-10 Nicolas CapensEliminate assign operations for constants.
2016-12-08 Nicolas CapensFix rvalue types.
2016-12-08 Nicolas CapensMatch sub-vector load/store operand order to regular...
2016-12-08 Nicolas CapensDeprecate support for constant pointers.
2016-12-08 Nicolas CapensFix rounding to nearest integer.
2016-12-06 Nicolas CapensImplement missing vector operations.
2016-12-06 Nicolas CapensDeprecate the Long1 type.
2016-12-02 Nicolas CapensSupport integer rvalues as return value.
2016-12-02 Nicolas CapensMake Reactor destination variables non-const.
2016-12-02 Nicolas CapensHold LValue address in a non-template Variable class.
2016-12-02 Nicolas CapensEliminate "false" basic block when no Else clause.
2016-12-02 Nicolas CapensRefactor If/Else to use encapsulated data.
2016-12-01 Nicolas CapensImplement vector casts.
2016-12-01 Nicolas CapensImplement vector absolute value.
2016-12-01 Nicolas CapensImplement switch constructs.