OSDN Git Service

2019-04-05 Chris ForbesDisable surface and swapchain support for Android pie-x86 android-x86-9.0-r1 android-x86-9.0-r2
2019-04-05 Alexis HetuSupport pNext chain entries in vkCreateImageView
2019-04-05 Alexis HetuSample location properly marked as unsupported
2019-04-05 Alexis HetuInput aspect support in vkCreateRenderPass
2019-04-05 Ben ClaytonSpirvShader: Implement descriptor set arrays
2019-04-05 Ben ClaytonSpirvShader: Rework pointer types
2019-04-05 Sean RisserImprove the dEQP documentation for Linux.
2019-04-05 Ben ClaytonFix DescriptorUpdateTemplate::updateDescriptorSet
2019-04-05 Ben ClaytonSpirvShader: Make value names more consistent
2019-04-05 SwiftShader... Regres: Update test lists @ 0e3d328a
2019-04-04 Ben ClaytonSpirvRoutine: Verify create functions are called once...
2019-04-04 Stephen WhiteImplement an Android NDK build of SwiftShader using...
2019-04-04 Cody SchuffelenCreate a recursive version of MutexLock, and apply...
2019-04-04 Ben ClaytonRenderer.cpp: Refactor setBatchIndices...
2019-04-04 SwiftShader... Regres: Update test lists @ 225a1301
2019-04-03 Ben ClaytonImplement dynamic buffer offsets.
2019-04-03 Alexis HetuRemoved SwiftShader's custom DrawType enum
2019-04-03 Chris ForbesAdd support for OpKill
2019-04-03 Ben ClaytonVkPipeline: Add basic optimization passes.
2019-04-03 Ben ClaytonSpirvShader: Ignore unreachable inputs for Phis.
2019-04-03 Ben ClaytonRegres: Reduce dEQP logging efforts
2019-04-03 Ben ClaytonRegres: Remove hack to always start with a daily test
2019-04-03 Ben ClaytonRegres: Include failure reasons in CI message
2019-04-03 Ben ClaytonRegres: Really kill timed-out processes
2019-04-03 Ben ClaytonRegres: Changes to reduce timeouts
2019-04-03 SwiftShader... Regres: Update test lists @ 2b9fb4bf
2019-04-03 Nicolas CapensSwitch to LLVM 7.0 for Visual Studio solution
2019-04-03 Nicolas CapensDefault to 64-bit MSVC toolchain
2019-04-03 Nicolas CapensAdd missing LLVM 7.0 source files
2019-04-03 Nicolas CapensRename swiftshader_icd.def to libvk_swiftshader.def
2019-04-02 Ben Clayton.gitignore: .vscode/settings.json & .vscode/launch...
2019-04-02 Nicolas CapensFix materialization of function arguments
2019-04-02 SwiftShader... Regres: Update test lists @ 459453a9
2019-04-01 Nicolas CapensEliminate Intermediate::replace()
2019-04-01 Nicolas CapensElide single basic block variable materialization
2019-04-01 Nicolas CapensAvoid Array<> assignment
2019-04-01 Nicolas CapensImplement missing Short8 assignment operators
2019-04-01 Ben ClaytonCommon: Document sw::Resource
2019-03-31 Nicolas CapensRevert "Create a recursive version of MutexLock, and...
2019-03-30 Ben ClaytonReactor: Replace ArgI for std::tuple_element
2019-03-30 Ben ClaytonSpirvShader: Improve docs on IsStorageInterleavedByLane()
2019-03-30 SwiftShader... Regres: Update test lists @ 513ed1d5
2019-03-29 Ben ClaytonSpirvShader: Fixes for complex loops.
2019-03-29 Ben ClaytonSpirvShader: Handle dead code branches.
2019-03-29 Cody SchuffelenCreate a recursive version of MutexLock, and apply...
2019-03-29 Ben ClaytonVkPipeline: Debug - show ids not names in disassembly.
2019-03-29 Nicolas CapensFix descriptor set allocation and update
2019-03-29 SwiftShader... Regres: Update test lists @ 51562f15
2019-03-29 Chris ForbesAdd support for OpMatrixTimesMatrix
2019-03-29 Chris ForbesWire up indirect dispatch
2019-03-29 Ben ClaytonAdd .vscode/c_cpp_properties.json
2019-03-28 Chris ForbesClaim support for multi draw indirect + base instance
2019-03-28 Chris ForbesImplement indirect draws
2019-03-28 Chris ForbesAllow subpasses to use secondary command buffers
2019-03-28 Chris ForbesAdd support for OpVectorTimesMatrix
2019-03-28 Chris ForbesAdd support for OpMatrixTimesVector
2019-03-28 Alexis HetuProper mipmap size allocation for compressed textures
2019-03-28 Alexis HetuAdd support for compressed image copy
2019-03-28 SwiftShader... Regres: Update test lists @ 179c9324
2019-03-28 Chris ForbesAdd support for OpMatrixTimesScalar
2019-03-27 Alistair StrachanHandle NULL 'value' to eglGetSyncAttribKHR()
2019-03-27 Chris ForbesRemove asserts blocking pipeline derivatives
2019-03-27 Nicolas CapensAdd GLES unit tests to Kokoro Windows CI
2019-03-27 SwiftShader... Regres: Update test lists @ e747b3c3
2019-03-26 Ben ClaytonSpirvShader: Implement loops
2019-03-26 Nicolas CapensRegenerate Windows LLVM configs
2019-03-26 Nicolas CapensRegenerate Linux LLVM configs
2019-03-26 Nicolas CapensAdd Windows support to LLVM config generation script
2019-03-26 Nicolas CapensDisable LLVM_ENABLE_THREADS in config generation script
2019-03-26 Ben ClaytonSpirvShader: Implement OpSwitch
2019-03-26 Ben ClaytonSpirvShader: Implement OpBranchConditional, OpPhi, ...
2019-03-26 Alexis HetuRenderpass multisampling resolve
2019-03-26 Alexis HetuFill buffer fix
2019-03-26 Ben ClaytonSpirvShader: Add EmitState
2019-03-26 Ben ClaytonSpirvShader: Add Intermediate::replace()
2019-03-26 Ben ClaytonSpirvShader: Add flow control info to Block.
2019-03-26 SwiftShader... Regres: Update test lists @ 221459f4
2019-03-26 Chris ForbesSupport for per-instance attributes
2019-03-25 Ben ClaytonWork around another MSVC bug with variadic macros.
2019-03-25 Alexis HetuFixed erroneous filtering
2019-03-25 SwiftShader... Regres: Update test lists @ e276f52b
2019-03-22 Chris ForbesRemove extra stencil state from DrawData
2019-03-22 Nicolas CapensRemove top-level kokoro/ folder
2019-03-22 Nico WeberBuild LLVM with threads disabled.
2019-03-22 Nicolas CapensImplement atomic load/store memory ordering
2019-03-22 Nicolas CapensUse a C array for temporary load results
2019-03-22 Nicolas CapensImplement atomic load/store
2019-03-22 Alexis HetuRemoved redundant flag
2019-03-22 Ben ClaytonRegres: Transition from out/ to build/
2019-03-22 Ben ClaytonRegres: Include an example test for each of top N failures
2019-03-22 Nico WeberMerge upstream LLVM r356524.
2019-03-22 Ben ClaytonPixelRoutine: Fix warning about missing override.
2019-03-22 Ben ClaytonSpirvShader: Minor changes for ASSERTs
2019-03-22 SwiftShader... Regres: Update test lists @ b55772e6
2019-03-22 Ben ClaytonVulkanUnitTests: Align the buffers to 0x100 for the...
2019-03-22 Ben ClaytonVulkanUnitTests: Call vkDestroyDevice()
2019-03-22 Ben Clayton.gitignore: .vscode/ipch directory
2019-03-21 Nicolas CapensUse Kokoro configs/scripts for SwiftShader under tests...
2019-03-21 Chris ForbesRemove remaining UBO & constants junk from DrawData
2019-03-21 Nicolas CapensRename Intermediate::emplace() to move()